New York holidays

Essential Information

When To Go

Spring, Summer, Autumn
April, May


Getting There

311 £GBP


Stay There

70 £GBP

3-star hotel


Visa Waiver Program

Up to 90 days

U.S. dollar
1.00 USD = 1.00 USD
Airport Transport

Taxi: 31 £GBP (45 min)
Bus: 10 £GBP (45 min)
Train: 16 £GBP (35 min)
Shuttle: 10 £GBP (45 min)

Lunch ≈ 11 £GBP
Dinner (for two) ≈ 37 £GBP
Espresso ≈ 3.35 £GBP
Bottled water ≈ 1 £GBP
Health & Safety
Travel insurance is recommended
Emergency numbers:
Ambulance: 911
Police: 911

Why New York

Czech-American film director Milos Forman once said: “I get out of the taxi and it’s probably the only city which in reality looks better than on the postcards, New York.” He’s right, New York City has to be seen to be fully appreciated and New York holidays allow you to immerse yourself in the razzle-dazzle, glamour and unrestrained energy of the ‘City that Never Sleeps’. NYC is without doubt the most exciting, most diverse and most influential city in the world.

See the legendary landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Central Park. Watch great actors perform in Broadway and off-Broadway shows. Indulge in some star-spotting while dining at some celebrity chef hotspots. Take yourself out to the ballgame by cheering on the New York Yankees. Shop till you drop at some of the most famous department stores in the world like Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Finally hit up New York’s unsurpassed nightlife and dance until dawn during you holidays to New York.

Cherry pick the ‘Big Apple’ experiences that most important to you – it’s impossible to see everything, so instead soak in the sheer amount of culture, restaurants, exhibitions, and people here, and you'll be acting like a jaded New Yorker in no time.

When to go


New York typically experiences the full changes in seasons like any city found in continental Europe. Yet New York is truly year-round destination, in fact for many people winter is when New York is at its most magical, the city becomes enchanting with an abundance of lights and decorations and really perfect for pleasant New York breaks. The air is filled with a crisp excitement, and the chances of watching snow fall are quite high. Think for yourself how many movies take place in New York during the festive season.

January is New York’s coldest month with the average temperature being 0.3 degrees Celsius (32.6Fahrenheit), but the mercury typically falls as low as -12 degrees Celsius (10 Fahrenheit) several times each winter, conversely they can reach as high as 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) on several days each winter month. Spring and autumn brings unpredictable weather ranging from chilly to warm, but are usually mild with little humidity. Summers are warm to hot and humid, with a July daily average of 24.7 degrees Celsius (76.5 Fahrenheit). At night in summer, temperatures may not fall much due to the urban heat island phenomenon – literally the heat generated by the city, this can also push day time temperatures as high as 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit) which occurs 17 days each summer on average. Some years the temperature can exceed 38 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit).

Things to do

Like any of the greatest cities in the world the sheer volume of attractions in New York City make it impossible to list them here. But here are some of the highlights.

But first here are a few plans for your New York holidays to help you jump the queues and save a bit of cash visiting some of the A number of multi-attraction schemes give reduced prices and line-skipping privileges.

With an Explorer Pass you can choose seven, five or three top attractions to visit. You have 30 days to use the card after visiting your first attraction. Those attractions include Rockefeller Center Tour, a trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, passes to the Museum of Modern Art or Metropolitan Museum of Art, an NBC Studio Tour, and much more. The card also gives discounts on shopping and meals at select locations.

A New York City PASS allows you to visit six attractions within nine days from the first use at reduced rates. Attractions, that should be definitely visited during New York breaks, include the Empire State Building; Metropolitan Museum of Art American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and more. Two options are available each offering different bonuses. Both cost US$106 for an adult and US$79 for a child or youth aged 6-17.

The New York Pass gives you direct access to more than 50 top attractions without having to stand in line. Passes are available for one day (US$80 for an adult, $60 child), two days (US$130 adult, US$110 child), three days (US$140 adult, US$120 child) or seven days (US$180 adult, US$140 child).

The majority of New York and in fact the world’s most iconic landmarks are concentrated in Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan

From Lower Manhattan, perhaps the most famous sight of all of them - the Statue of Liberty, can be seen. Wall Street is not only the heart of the US financial markets but is also a centre for global trade and is home to the New York Stock Exchange. Nearby is the National September 11 Memorial at the World Trade Center Site which remembers those who were killed in the terrorist on September 11, 2001, it is also the site of the 541-metre (1776 feet) One World Trade Center which like the towers it replaced now the tallest skyscraper in both New York and the US. Linking Lower Manhattan with Downtown Brooklyn is the Brooklyn Bridge which offers fantastic views of Manhattan and Brooklyn’s skylines.

Midtown Manhattan

The location of some the most famous landmarks in New York City, with the king of those being the Empire State Building, the city’s second-tallest building, nearby is the distinctive art-deco Chrysler Building. Midtown is also home to the headquarters of United Nations and one of the busiest commuter hubs in the world Grand Central Station. Also nearby is a beautiful building, the main branch of the New York Public Library, which is famous worldwide for its impressive reading rooms and the main entrance which is guarded by lion statues. Rockefeller Plaza, is the home of NBC Studios, Radio City Music Hall, and is particularly impressive in winter when the famous Christmas tree is set up and the skating rink is opened.

Immediately west of Midtown is the Theater District one of the most popular parts of the city with tourists, the flashing neon and LED light and video screens of Times Square.

North is the sprawling urban oasis of Central Park.

Museums and galleries

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park is the finest of its kind in the US and one of the best in the world. So don't waste the time during your holidays to New York and visit it. As well as the world’s best collection of American art , there are thousands of paintings by great European masters – for example Rembrandt, It also houses the most extensive Egyptian art collection outside Egypt itself, an Islamic art collection ranked as one of the world’s best and much more. The Metropolitan also runs The Cloisters, in Fort Tryon Park in Upper Manhattan, which exhibits a collection of medieval art.

Famed for its architecture, the Guggenheim Museum is located near the Metropolitan in the Upper East Side, as is the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Midtown is home to the world’s most extensive modern art collection, so much so in fact you need to visit several times to see it all.

For the kids no museum is better than the American Museum of Natural History in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and perhaps the greatest drawcard is bones, the museum hold one of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur skeletons.

Theater and Performing Arts

New York boasts a huge variety of theatrical performances: Broadway, Off-Broadway, or Off-Off-Broadway. Broadway means shows near Times Square – major musicals and famous plays. Tickets can cost up to $130 a seat.

Off-Broadway are typically shows for smaller audiences and are less mainstream and more intellectual and show in theatres near Times Square and throughout Manhattan. Tickets range from US$25 to US$50.

Off-Off-Broadway plays are for very small audiences and can be very cheap but can be very avant-garde.

For more classical fare there is Carnegie Hall on Seventh Avenue – the premiere classical music venue in the US. The Metropolitan Opera (known as ‘The Met’) at Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center on West 65th Street at Broadway) is one of the best opera companies in the world. Ticket prices can be very expensive but as little as US$25 may secure you an upper-tier seat.


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