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Why Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular holiday destination. It is also an educational environment for learning marine sciences.  The Hawaiian customs of hula, luaus, ukulele music and the traditional lei will remain as special memories for all who visit Hawaii. Each of the main islands is separate, distinct, and infinitely complex. Oahu is lively, Maui is enchanting; Kauai is the perfect place for relaxing and rejuvenating and Hawaii Island is great for adventurous types.

There are many things to do and too much beautiful nature to view in a week-long vacation, which is why so many people return to Hawaii year after year. The possibilities for adventure cum relaxation are endless.

There's nothing on earth quite like sun-drenched Hawaii holidays. Here you'll find thick walls made of lava used by the early Hawaiians for protection, palm-fringed blue lagoons, lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and amazing active volcanoes. Gold beaches, red beaches, black beaches, even green sands romanced by an endless surf, the perfect fit for the lava blocks made by the early Hawaiians, hidden gardens and wild rivers running through rugged canyons.

The magical sands of the beach near Kailua-Kona Hawaii is a favorite with both locals and tourists alike. The sand from this beach disappears occasionally in big storms, but usually returns which why the sand on the beach is named magical sands.


Hawaii has a tropical, arid, temperate and polar climate. Hawaii experiences many different climate zones. Precipitation on the Hawaiian islands means rainfall from the trade winds tends to come from their north and east flanks. Coastal areas to the south and west side are drier. Temperatures at sea level generally range from highs of 29 to 32 degrees Celsius (85–90 Fahrenheit) during the summer months to 26 to 28 degrees Celsius (79–83 Fahrenheit) during the winter months. Rarely does the temperature rise above 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit) or drop below 18 degrees Celsius (65 Fahrenheit) at lower elevations. Temperatures are lower at higher altitudes.

It's a Pacific Ocean US State with a climate everyone will enjoy on holidays in Hawaii.

How to Spend Your Hawaii Holidays

Hawaii’s paradise-like atmosphere means it gets its fair share of stifling crowds and tourist logjams on Hawaii vacations. Your holidays to Hawaii could easily turn into tourist-geared shows, sales of shells from the Philippines and hokey faux culture like skirted and exotic hula dancers. You just need to look a little deeper.

With its tremendous beaches, seemingly endless horizon, world-class hotels and restaurants, red hot volcanoes, incredible wildlife, thick timber forest, fascinating island culture, unimaginable natural life, and apparently endlessly blue skies, it's no big surprise that the Hawaiian Islands pull in tons of tourists. Regardless of whether you choose to go to Hawaii for romance or recreation, you can make certain to have the excursion of a lifetime through its captivating islands. Before you gather pack your bags however, you ought to set aside some opportunity to arrange your outing and how you need to get to Hawaii. This write-up will give some information on visiting the Hawaiian Islands.

Find gourmet cuisine in Honolulu’s cafés and restaurants and discover great art galleries across the city before beginning a bar crawl across the Hawaiian capital on holidays in Hawaii. Next day, visit the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, it is decorated with lanterns and opens for evening tours. The site served as the royal palace for the Kalakaua Dynasty, the monarchy in Hawaii from 1874 to the 18th century. The dates for the evening tours at both sites can be checked with the National Park Service.

Hit the world famous surf. Surfing was popular with the islands indigenous populations and was first observed in the mid-18th century by visiting Europeans. The Hawaiian-born George Freeth is most often given credit as the “Father of Modern Surf” and is also known for inventing the modern-day long board. With Leahi (Diamond Head) as your backdrop, Waikiki’s calm waters are perfect for learning to surf.

Hawaii is also home of one of the most active volcanoes in the world – Kilauea – and Kona Coffee.

Here you can experience all but two of the climate zones in the world, from lush tropical rainforests to snow-capped mountains, you also have the chance to witness live eruptions and see molten lava.

Experience kayaking on Kailua and Lanakai Beaches, or opt to go snorkelling on the northern shores at Sharks Cove, Three Tables, Waimea Bay and Turtle Beach – all great spots for seeing Oahu’s fascinating marine life.

To make the most of your stay in Hawaii you should visitseveral islands. Travel to Kauai, whose incredible natural wonders will leave you awestruck. View Waimea Canyon’s cascading waterfalls or hike along the coast at Napali.

On the island Oahu, combine an emotional visit to the museums of Pearl Harbor with Waikiki’s thrilling surf scene.

Play a round of golf on Maui, which is home to some great championship-level courses or head to sea for some whale watching.

Be sure not miss out on the traditional ‘old Hawaii’ flavor of the Old Lahaina Luau and sample some Kalua pig cooked to perfection in an imu - or underground oven.

Where to Stay

Many first timers are fond of saying, “I have never been to Hawaii, and really do not know very much about accommodation” on holidays to Hawaii. Most Hotels in Hawaii offer beautiful views. Regardless of whether you need to be close to one of Hawaii's many shorelines, take in the remarkable views on Kauai or just hang out in a chilled bungalow on Molokai, Hawaii does the hotel business very well and you won't experience any difficulty discovering one to suit your style and spending plan.

In the event that you are with group or family, you really should take notice of how good a deal a vacation rental is. There are additionally no "concealed" expenses with your get-away rental. No parking charge, Internet is free, towel expense, filtered water charge and other expenses. In addition, in the event that you might want to spend your cash on different things, requesting take-out and purchasing your beverages in the grocery store can without much of a stretch spare you several dollars!

Take pick from the four main Hawaiian Islands – Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii all offer similar styles of accommodation almost anywhere but let Booked.net help you with your selection from our comprehensive range of accommodation and Hawaii vacation packages.

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When to Go

Most visitors travel for Hawaii holidays when there is lousy weather almost everywhere else. Therefore, the high season, when the prices are higher and resorts are often fully booked. Generally it  runs from mid-December through to March or even mid-April. The last two weeks in December, in particular, are the prime time for travel to Hawaii.

How to Get to Hawaii

You can get direct flights from the Airport in U.S. mainland to Kauai, Hawaii Island and Maui, for the most part; you may need to connecting flight through Oahu to get to the neighbor islands including Lanai and Molokai.

Planning your holidays to Hawaii

If your destination is Maui, where to fly is Kahului Airport, in Maui County, east of Kahului.

If your destination is Oahu, fly to Honolulu International Airport, on the southern coast of Oahu.

If your destination is Hawaii, fly to Kona International Airport, on the west coast of Hawaii

If your destination is Kauai, where to fly is Lihue Airport, on the southeast coast of Kauai.

Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

Planning Your Holidays to Hawaii

You should try to avoid the crowded areas, the over-expensive items, and the overpriced shows to experience the best Hawaii to Hawaii have to offer. No matter what your budget, please ensure that every dollar is well spent.

Accommodation costs for Hawaii holidays are usually based on the type of property. You can pay as little as $120 per night to as much as $250. The average Hawaii hotel rate tends to be around $220 per night.

To view lava flowing on the Island you will need hiking shoes. Viewing lava flows is best at night. You will need a flashlight for finding your way in the dark and binoculars


Millions of people visit Hawaii every December. During time off work and school allows for more time for longer vacations, and with frigid weather pummeling much of the continental zones in the US, thisresults in an influx into Hawaii. Hawaii residents could sweet talk the extraordinary from the merely ordinary.  You will need to do away with the crowded, the over-expensive items, and the overpriced shows best Hawaii has to offer. No matter what your budget, please ensure that every dollar is well spent.

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