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Why United States

USA holidays are exciting because there are 9 time zones and different climatic belts in the US.  You can choose holiday options depending upon the season you are visiting. If you want to visit with weirdly cool places to visit in the US, or if you are looking for places to be outside in the USA, or if you are looking for simple US spots to see the stars you have lot of holiday experience options in the US.

A trip to the USA is going to be inspirational and you will want to travel over and over again.  It helps to know about what you can do and see in the US for a decent plan of events.

There is a whole country to explore and discover.  The US is made up of landscapes that are unbelievable.  There are striking rock formations you want to see in UTAH.

If you are a lover of oceans, the precious resources and scenic beauty of Hawaii is a not to miss.

There are lots of wide open spaces, in Texas. The wide open country and the horses down in the main street are delights you do not want to miss.  You will be experiencing peace in this region.

If you love to explore the peaks, you get to explore the endless sea of mountains.  You will enjoy the hike, climb, and ski experiences.

If you want to enjoy the sparkling city life, there is lot of excitement that the city has to offer.  You are sure to feel intoxicated by the culture of the city and the varied ranges of food you can get here.

You have wonderful scores of parks to enjoy here in the US.  The Windy City, the wildest frontier, are just a few to name from the many regions of USA that you should plan to enjoy during your trip.


The climate differs in the different continental areas of the USA.  The climate is not similar in every region.  Summer is not the same in any two regions.  The winter and spring is not same in two different regions.  For instance, during summer it is hot in the Southern States; however, it is humid in the West.  In the Pacific Northwest and New England states, there are cool mornings and very pleasant evenings during the summers.

In the Central part of the US tornadoes are very common during summer or during the spring.  So, when you are visiting for holidays to America you will want to verify the current weather conditions.  You have to study the regional climate for every area you choose to visit.

How to Spend Your USA Holidays

The US is a very big area to cover for the very little holiday time you might have. When you go on holidays to USA, it pays to narrow your focus to a specific area. You will not be able to see everything this vast country has to offer. There are different regions in the US.  You can consider the different regions and what they have to offer and you can customize a travel solution for your holidays in USA.

Where to Stay

There are lots of great accommodation options for USA holidays, including a majority of modern national and international hotel and/or motel chains, often with very reasonable prices. Generally, the quality of accommodation is of a high standard, with amenities such as television, telephone and often broadband or Wi-Fi in each room meaning your USA holidays are sure to be comfortable.

When to Go

The climate is not the same across the US.  Depending upon the regions you are willing to travel on holidays to USA you will have to plan your time and season of travel accordingly.  You have to consider exploring the US by States, Cities, and Parks.  The Pacific, the West, the Midwest, the South West, North East, and USA Territories are the different options to consider.

How to Get to US

You get to the US by Plane. Depending upon which region you are going to travel to you will have to book your tickets to the respective regions. You can plan and tune your trip.  If you plan a road trip you will get the opportunity to mingle with the locals.  To have a perfect trip you need to make use of a travel planner to decide on when and where you want to send your holidays in USA time slots.

Planning Your USA Holidays

It is important for you to consider your Visa.  If you fall under the Visa Waiver program you can go ahead.

List out your preferences, and decide on the perfect list of locations you will choose to travel.  Before you explore any region, it helps to understand the local culture of the region.  It is only when you explore a couple of regions you will see that there is more to the staying and looking left behind.  You will find every reason for a second trip over again. Do not miss on the world of Wonderful flavors and culinary delights that this part of the world can serve you with.

When you are planning your holiday to the US you can consider the destinations by the following category:

Pacific region consists of California, Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon.  You will enjoy the lively cities, the oceanic views, and the stunning looks of the mountains in this region.  The sandy beaches of the pacific with rocky cliffs and gentle pools with dense pine forests can provide you with the opportunity to explore glaciers.  Native American Culture is prominent here. You will be able to see icy rivers here in this region.  Bears, eagles and rich wildlife are those that you do not want your camera to miss.  In Oregon you will have a full schedule of festivals and live concerts.  In California, you will be able to see your favorite stars in the Hollywood Hall of Fame. Lush valleys and silent seas are those that you will want to see in the Hawaii.  The most active volcanoes of the world are here.

West region consists of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Hardworking mountains, glittering nightlife, and fantastic parks, Dinosaur Fossils in the Museum, summer hiking and mountain biking are the favorites of adventurous travelers.  This is the area where you can witness powdery snow.  You can buy cow Boy boots to take home from here.  You will be able to see maximum numbers of stars than you can imagine in the rocky arch.

Midwest consists of North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin. You will enjoy the architecture and ethnic richness of this place.  State parks, Quaint towns, musical history, rocky coastline, shopping and entertainment complexes, National Memorials, all spell the old fashioned charm, which you will definitely will not to miss for whatever reason.

Southwest consists of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Deep canyons, rocky landscapes, with food truck culture, can give your tour and ride a refreshing experience. You do not want to miss on the white water adventure.  Vibrant local art galleries, scenic courses, Apache Trail Scenic byway, art Galleries and more than hundred different tribal cultures are worth the travel experience.

Southeast consists of Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington. This region is gracious and pretty historic.  You do not want to miss the fresh sea food and mouth watering barbeque.  Virginia houses numerous land marks.  You want to enjoy the spectacular experiences of hiking, rafting, biking, and skiing.  Hot springs, limestone caves, and scenic waterfalls make the major tourist attraction in this region.

Northeast consists of Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  The dramatic coasts in Maine followed by a lobster for lunch, shopping for antiques in the Vermont’s Green Mountains, and in the New Hampshire’s White mountains are the common activities here.  The ferry to Rhode Island where you can watch the birds can add to your experience. The World Class Museum in Pennsylvania with state of art parks and museums with wow you with a cultural nostalgia.

USA Territories consists of American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico is where you can enjoy a perfect weather and an excellent sense of relaxation.  The rich blend of different cultures along with native foods and wonderful scenery and weather is worth all your holiday time.  Enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, bright colored fishes, and a sail in between the volcanic peaks are a once in a life time experiences that any tourist will not want to miss.  You will get the opportunity to explore the undiscovered paradises in this part of the world.  Glimpses of tiny islands, sparkling water, and beaches with palm trees can make you feel complete in the lush and blooming environment.  


You will surely return with amazing travel experiences from holidays to USA.  You will be able to discover this land like never before if you have planned it rightly.  The holiday experiences that you will gain in the US will enchant surprise, inspire and delight you in many different ways.  The one-of-a kind adventure that you experience in this land is sure to leave you with a want to visit again feeling.  And you are sure to carry memories for a life time.  Every visitor will leave the US with feelings of awe.

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