Slovenia holidays

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Why Slovenia

Slovenia? What is the capital? Ljubljana? How do you pronounce it? And the most important: why visit a place with that name? If you still have not noticed, we love a place, that is say, a little different. And you can believe us when we says this country will amaze you on Slovenia holidays. Despite being close to very famous sights (practically in Venice side, you know?), Slovenia seems like a distant and exotic place. But in fact, it is the most modern and developed region of what was once Yugoslavia, a former communist country.

The coastal part of Slovenia squeezes between the sea and mountains, narrow and slightly arid, and stony. When we go inland, valleys, rivers, and fertile areas begin to appear.

But nothing compares to the bucolic beauty of the Slovenian hills. Do you know that "Swiss Alps" scene of animals grazing in the midst of streams, woods, and flowers in the countryside? So! It's just like that.

Placed in the centre of Europe, Slovenia is a beautiful holiday destination in the Eastern Alps. With wooded mountains, green valleys and glacial lakes, it is significantly cheaper than neighboring Switzerland, Austria and Italy and with the same landscapes. Ljubljana, is often compared to Prague, but to truly know the country, you must go to the mountains. The natural landscapes of Slovenia are a paradise for tourists in search of adventure. If you are interested in mountain hiking or spending a few days in town, there are plenty of things to see and do on Slovenia holidays.



The geological diversity of Slovenia generates three diverse types of weather in this tiny country: the North has characteristics of an alpine climate; To the east, those of a more continental climate, while the south and the west offer aspects of a more Mediterranean climate. This compound creates a broad range of temperatures, ranging from -15 degrees Celsius in winter to over 35 degrees Celsius in the summertime this means whatever climate you are comfortable off something for everyone.

Rainy days are frequent in the fall and in April. The tourist season on the east coast is, of course, during the months of July and August, which you should avoid if you are seeking quiet and peace. The best time to appreciate tours or to explore the valleys is the month of May which merges a splendid sunshine and the beauty of flowers.

How to Spend Your Slovenia Holidays

Although the country is slight, it has a lot of cool places to visit on holidays in Slovenia. The suggestion is to select a base where to stay in the capital Ljubljana. As it is right in the center, any tourist spot you choose will be less than 200km away! Then you can go out early, get to know the selected attractions and then go back to sleep in the capital, where the nightlife is a delight. That applies to those who are by car but also for those who are going to hire excursion. Get ready to drool over the tourist infrastructure the country has to offer.

But let's go to the list of places not to be missed on Slovenia holidays:

Castle, Lake, and the town of Bled: straight to the point, to the most fantastic and unforgettable place in the country. It is to the north, the mere 56km from the capital and will leave you completely in love with the country. Pray just for the day being beautiful and your photos will look like those of a magazine.

Postojna Caves: 52km south of the capital, is the largest complex of caves to visit in Europe, with an organization and structure that would be the envy of any German. Although it seems like a place for adventurers, the stewardship of a little train that takes you to the heart of the earth makes the ride easy and adorable even for children.

Predjama Castle: From Postojna's cunning, can you believe that they built something immense of this stuck on the rock? For those who like castles like us, it is a must-see attraction on holidays in Slovenia. For those who do not like it, it's worth admiring the medieval engineering behind a work like that.

Castle of Otocec: this one is small and lies on the banks of the motorway that connects Zagreb and Ljubljana, meaning on its way. It stands on an islet between two river arms that look more like medieval moats. The landscape of fairy tales and the most unusual thing is you can sleep there because it is a hotel!

Ljubljana, the capital: much more charming and pleasant than the Croatian capital. A place full of beautiful and happy people who likes to enjoy the outdoors on the banks of the river Lubljanica. The symbol of the city, a green dragon, which can be seen in sculptures and souvenirs.

Where to Stay

We decide to travel, compare prices and search for discounts on airline tickets, research the sights and program the tours, but the hotel reservation always seems a mere detail. It turns out to be that we're going to spend the bundle of money.

The complete reverse also happens: we spend the almost entire budget in a 5-star hotel that we can not take advantage of or that is not worth its price only because it seemed to be the best. As much as choosing a hotel seems like a simple task, it is something so important and with so many questions to think about that it is important to do it carefully.

The ideal is to choose a spot to stay and go back and forth from there. The most common place when on Slovenia holidays is staying in Ljubljana which is roughly one to one-and-a-half hours from the main tourist attractions. To make it to all the sights in between, the goal is to have a car. But buses are leading to major destinations and tourist centers. One thing is certain: your hotel has to be inside the historic center!

When to Go

Slovenia has a temperate climate with its four distinct seasons. But the topography of the country makes it appear that they exhort three individualized climates: the northwest, with an alpine climate and abundant precipitation, has mild summers and freezing nights; On the coast dominates the Mediterranean climate, with hot and sunny weather much of the year, and mild winters; And in the east a continental climate with hot (or very hot) summers and cold winters.

Apart from sports lovers like skiing, winter is not the best time for holidays to Slovenia; And for these, it is important to know that the Slovenian school holidays take place ten days among Christmas and New Year, and always the last fortnight of February.

Spring is the best time to visit the carpeted plains of flowers and summer (between mid-June and September) is the ideal time for hiking and camping. Summer is high season, and it's hard to arrange a table in Ljubljana without an advance reservation. To escape the crowd's book the month of September, where temperatures still allow bathing in the Adriatic. By mid-October, a large part of the campsites close.

How to Get to Slovenia

The national airline of Slovenia is ADRIA, which is part of the Star Alliance. We arrived in Ljubljana by car, coming from Croatia, but we flew away ADRIA to Paris. Excellent company.

The main entrance into the country is the capital, Ljubljana. Several airlines take you there. If going by land, a city very close to it is Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, a couple of hours drive to Ljubljana.

Planning Your Holidays to Slovenia

Postojna is the most visited destination in the country on Slovenia holidays. The caves are amazing, and we highly recommend including them in your plans. Take the combo to Postojna Cave + Predjama Castle on the same day.

Other must-sees are Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. You can also visit them on the same day as they are very close to each other. Although Bled is more famous, the Bohinj is incredibly beautiful.

The small capital Ljubljana also has its charm. We can still highlight the Bovec region with the Soča river and the Triglav National Park.

For those who choose to spend a whole weekend, let's get to know Bled on the second day. For those who prefer to get to know everything in one day on holidays to Slovenia, just return to the central bus station of Ljubljana and catch a local bus in the direction of Bled.

The trip takes about an hour and the single ticket costs around € 6. It is not worth going by train because with this means you need to take a bus to get you closer to the lake anyway. The closer to Bled, the more beautiful the scenery. Therefore, it is forbidden to nap on the bus and lose the houses and animals in the mountains.

Arriving at little Bled the scenery is also magnificent, worthy of a fairy tale with castle, mountains and even a small island located in the center of the blue lake. To visit it you need to resort to one of the boats that are on the shores of the lake. There it is possible to take a short walk to the church of the island and play a 16th-century bell that, legend says, is capable of making wishes.

Another activity to do in the town is to climb all those steps that lead to the Castle of Bled. Admission costs € 7 for students and € 10 for adults. Besides the highlight of the tour, which is undoubtedly the view of the city above, it is possible to visit a series of rooms with exhibitions and objects that refer to the history of Slovenia. There is also a small wine and souvenir shop.


It's hard to get to this little country and not be delighted. Holidays in Slovenia strike you with so much beauty in such a small space.

Slovenia for many people becomes a pleasant surprise. Being part of the former Yugoslavia and having its independence only in 1991 is a country that only recently began to be known. Besides this has a small population: 2 million inhabitants, so this corner of the world still manages to maintain a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle.

It's like living in a house without walls, walking by day and night without any fear, going to birthday parties where there is never any soda for children, where books are available in public places to read, where you find almost everything you lose In the place where he left, or there, hanging carefully in an area of greater visibility for you to find, makes this little corner, for now, one of’s favorite places in the world.

Here are some of our picks of where to stay in Slovenia: