Singapore holidays

Essential Information

Singapore dollar
1.00 USD = 1.37 SGD

Why Singapore

Singapore is a country with a high content of exotics: four religions peacefully coexist here and vibrant festivals occur weekly. Its capital Singapore, Sentosa beaches, national parks and islands, "Formula 1" Grand Prix have been attracting various, but not numerous travelers from all over the world for many decades.

Futuristic skyscrapers, the design of which is approved by the experts of Feng Shui, the world's tallest Ferris wheel and many more attractions await visitors of Singapore.  The "Lion City" is the literal translation of Singapore from Malay language. However, the list of its informal name is extensive - from "Disneyland for adults" to the "City of prohibitions".

Singapore holidays are for sophisticated travelers: as a rule tourists, who come here, have visited many exotic countries and now they are looking for something new, for something special.


The weather in Singapore is the standard of stability. Summer and winter temperatures vary by only 1-2 ° C. The average temperature is 26 ° C. However, the humidity reaches 70-90%.

The climate of the island is tropical monsoon. Therefore, when packing your suitcase don’t forget your umbrella: it is raining here all the year round. The difference is in the intensity of the rain: starting from November to February showers do not cease for several days in a row, sometimes they stop just for a couple of hours.

This is why it is better to go on holidays to Singapore from March to October: spring and autumn here are warm, and in summer there is a good chance to see the sights without getting completely soaked.

How to Spend Your Singapore Holidays

Singapore is an island, where the needs of all sophisticated travelers will be satisfied irrespective of their interests. To know the land better you should start your holiday in Singapore from the Botanical garden that was founded more than 150 years ago. It has a total area of 101 hectares, where the plants from all over the world, such as tropical and equatorial endemics, orchids, palms and ferns can be found. Singapore Zoo in the neighborhood is home to more than 2,500 animals, including representatives of endangered species.

After getting acquainted with the works of nature, it's time to evaluate the man-made masterpieces. The capital of the state Singapore is a bright, modern and striking city. Its heart is its central administrative and business districts, together with the colonial part of the 19th century.

Recognized as a symbol of the island, the hotel Marina Bay Sands looks like a spacecraft landed at the bay. Merlion Park nearby is welcoming guests with the statue of the mythical beast. The architectural masterpiece from the past centuries - white hotel Raffles is a sample of elegance and respectability. One of the major religious attractions - Sri Mariamman temple boasts a splendid facade studded with statues of Hindu deities. Fort Silos, the only survived cannon battery, resembles World War II.

The best observation deck in the country is the 130-meter Tiger Sky Tower, built in a giant entertainment district Imbia Lookout.

There is the great variety of rides for daredevils on Singapore holidays. The 165-meter Ferris wheel takes your breath away because of its beauty and height, Skyline Skyride at Sentosa thrills visitors with the speed, MegaZip is for extreme sports’ fans, and the wonderful world of Universal Studios for those who can’t imagine their lives without cinema. All this awaits on holiday in Singapore.

Where to Stay

The main advantage of all Singapore hotels is a consistently high level of service. The most expensive objects are located on the Orchard Road, Raffles Place and in the Gulf of Marina Bay. Modern business hotels are based in the heart of the country, the exemplary boutique properties are to be found on the Sentosa Island.

Mid-price hotels are usually situated on the west coast of the Singapore River. They offer affordable prices, upscale service and a relaxed atmosphere for Singapore holidays. Those travelers, who want to party in a non-stop mode, can stay in the Universal Studios park, where six hotels have just opened their doors to guests.

The construction in Singapore never stops, and the law, prohibiting noise at night and early in the morning, works only in residential areas. If you select a hotel outside these areas, there is a risk you will stay awake for the whole holiday in Singapore.

The cheapest hotels and hostels are located in Chinatown, the area of the railway station and the Red light district, but it is not safe to stay there. The average price of a bed in a hostel is 20-50 SGD, accommodation in a 2-star hotel - from 80 SGD, room in a 5-star hotel - from SGD 200-280 per night.

When to Go

The driest and the most pleasant period to plan your holidays to Singapore is from June to September. At daytime the temperature reaches 32 ° C, which makes the destination suitable for a beach holiday. At night, the air can be cooled down to 20 ° C.

On the contrary, the wettest months of the year are from November to January, when it is most likely to rain for many days in a row and you shouldn’t leave your hotel without an umbrella or a raincoat.

The best way to escape from the tropical rain and at the same time to have a great time is to hide in one of the malls. The shopping malls in Singapore look like a real city with great shopping facilities, restaurants, spas and cinemas. Moreover, almost every shopping center can be reached directly from the subway.

Prices for hotels in the summer are traditionally higher than the ones for the winter season, excluding holidays and festivals, which take place in Singapore throughout the year, so keep it in mind before booking your Singapore holidays.

How to Get to Singapore

Changi Airport in Singapore is one of the largest transportation hubs in the world. Like Singapore itself, the airport surprises with the diversity of services, culture, tradition and technology concentrated in one place. Changi consists of three main passenger terminals and a separate VIP-terminal.

Flights from the UK to Singapore take about twelve and a half hours. British Airways operate flights twice a day from London Heathrow Airport, meaning it's easy to find a convenient flight that suits you best.

Choosing to fly from London Heathrow to Changi Airport, you will land about 17 km from the city center. Those passengers, who choose Singapore holiday packages, can make use of transfer to access Singapore's sights and hotels in no time.

Planning Your Holidays to Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful, but way too expensive city. Most tourists stay here for only a couple of days, on the way to Bali or back. However, if your holiday in Singapore lasts longer, you will have to learn how to save money, so it will quickly become a habit.

The main problem of Singapore holidays is living expenses. The hotels are very expensive, but the weekend prices for them are significantly lower. The best chances to get low prices for hotels in Singapore are on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

The average bill in a restaurant makes 20-40S $ per person. But at street food courts the prices for dishes vary from $ 3. The large selection of authentic street stalls offering food is to be found on the shopping streets in the districts of Chinatown and Bugis. By the way, Singaporeans are very proud that their tap water is safe to drink, so you don’t need to buy bottled water in this country

There’s thousands of free attractions to be discovered on holidays to Singapore. Here are just several of them: ethnic neighborhoods, botanical gardens, parks, observation decks, outdoor sculptures.

Singapore is fine city, where fine means "excellent" and "fine" itself at the same time. The most common penalty here is for crossing the road in the wrong place. Sometimes you have to walk for quite a long time before there is a pedestrian crossing. But do not be tempted to cross the road before you get to it. It is forbidden to eat and drink in the subway and public transport, and no chewing gums are sold in stores. In the taxi it is obligatory to fasten a seat belt, even when sitting in the back seat.


As a matter of fact there is no bad weather in Singapore, in the land that smells lemons and bananas. So you can choose any month to travel this hospitable country. Make sure to check for Singapore holiday packages on to get the best prices for flights and accommodation online.