Seychelles holidays

Essential Information

When To Go

Spring, Summer


June, July

Getting There

672 £GBP


Stay There

109 £GBP

3-star hotel


Free Visitor's Permit
on arrival

Up to 1 month

Seychelles, Rupee
1.00 USD = 13.97 SCR
Airport Transport

Taxi: 6 £GBP (20 min)

Bus: 0.7 £GBP (20 min)

Lunch ≈ 8 £GBP
Dinner (for two) ≈ 26 £GBP
Espresso ≈ 2.20 £GBP
Bottled water ≈ 1 £GBP
Health & Safety

Travel insurance is recommended
Emergency numbers:
Ambulance: 151
Police: 999

Why Seychelles

It is known as the closest place to paradise on earth and the Seychelles, an archipelago of more than 100 islands, will not disappoint you on Seychelles holidays. As well as quiet beaches with powdery white sand and turquoise water, you can find yourself among lush plantations, imposing granite rock formations and dazzling range of flora and fauna. Combining unparalleled natural beauty with an uncrowded, isolated feel, the Seychelles is just the ticket for a honeymoon or couples retreat.

Go diving and snorkelling around the colourful coral reefs. Or if you prefer to stay dry, take a glass-bottomed boat to see what lies beneath the crystal waters or simply lie back and relax on a snow white-sanded beach.

When to go

The climate of the Seychelles is tropical rain forest and the temperature stays much the same year round. On Mahe the range is from 24 to 30 degrees Celsius (75 to 86 Fahrenheit). In the coolest months of July and August, the average low is about 24 degrees Celsius (75 Fahrenheit). March and April are the hottest months, but temperatures seldom go above 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit), so consider it before planning your holidays to Seychelles.

Where to go/stay


Only 27 kilometers (17 miles) long and 8 kilometers (5 miles) wide, Mahe is a bite-sized piece of Paradise. Despite its scale, it is the largest of the Seychelles archipelago with some stunning beaches including the popular Beau Vallon, inland the island is lush and green. Snorkeling and diving are popular, or bask in the vibrant atmosphere of the island’s capital, Victoria with its vast array of great restaurants.

La Digue

Surrounded by turquoise waters and coral reefs is the island of La Digue. As well as gorgeous beaches and breathtaking coves, here cars give way to bicycles and ox carts, while the people are renowned for their hospitality. Soak up the sun, feast on tropical dishes or just admire the awe inspiring land and seascapes on your Seychelles holidays.


The Seychelles second largest island – Praslin – is encircled with gorgeous peaceful beaches, including the beautiful Anse Lazio. It is also the base for several exclusive resorts and is a regular Garden of Eden with an exotic blend of flora and fauna including some of the world’s rarest birds.

Things to do

On your holidays to Seychelles visit Mahe’s markets in Victoria busy with its vendors and buyers all haggling for the best prices. Fresh produce is sold here along with coral souvenirs, jewelry and other gifts. Be on the watch for coco de mer coconuts, an unusually-shaped large coconut, it is native to the islands and said to be a potent aphrodisiac.

Go on a deep-sea fishing trip where you might catch marlin and tuna. Glass-bottomed boat tours are also popular for viewing the colourful marine life.

Visit UNESCO-listed Vallee de Mei in Praslin National Park during your Seychelles holidays where you’ll see a wide variety of native species, including the famous aphrodisiac coco de mer palm. You may even see the island’s protected giant tortoises, sheath-tailed bats and frigate birds.