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Why Puerto Rico

Thinking of visiting Puerto Rico? This special island, less visited by tourists of the popular Dominican Republic, is an American associated state - that is, you will need a visa for Puerto Rico holidays. Its territory is dotted with fortifications and beautiful beaches that yield a whimsical itinerary for those who like the colors and the Caribbean air. San Juan is a vibrant metropolis with a charming historic downtown. All this packed by the sale by the rum, which is the specialty of the house

Puerto Rico, whose capital is called San Juan, is an archipelago, formed by the main island of the same name, other smaller islands and cays (islets), such as Culebra, Vieques, Mona, Icacos, Palomino, Culebrita, Luis Peña, Palominitos ... I'll write about some of them here. It is in the Caribbean Sea and the closest countries/territories there are the Dominican Republic, Haiti, US Virgin Islands (like St. Thomas and St John) and the British Virgin Islands (like Virgin Gorda). It has almost 4 million inhabitants, the currency is the American dollar, and the official languages ​​are Spanish and English. Yeah, both of them ... And this mix is ​​kind of funny! You are unlikely to hear any sentences that start and end in the same language!


The climate is tropical, but the marine influences soften temperatures that remain between 25 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year making Puerto Rico holidays an option at any time. There is a dry season between January and April, and a rainy season from May to December, with hurricanes occurring between August and October, often causing significant damage.

While this can be said to be a genuinely year-round destination, the best time to visit Puerto Rico is between November and May, during the dry season.

How to Spend Your Puerto Rico Holidays

On a Puerto Rico vacation you will have access to incredible beaches, rainforests, delicious food and especially the warmth of a super friendly people. The official language is Spanish, but its inhabitants also understand English. To enter the country, you must have seen valid for the United States, since the island is an associated free territory of the USA, although Spaniards have colonized it.

Puerto Rico is a great option for travel around the Caribbean, in particular for people who are in search of a historical tour, with delicious cuisine and lush landscapes. Most of the tourists who visit the country come through Caribbean cruises, and Caribbean Queen, MSC and Norwegian are some of the stops in the Caribbean ports.

But attractions of Puerto Rico are not limited to beaches, as this beautiful place has much more to offer. Those interested in culture are fascinated by the island's historical heritage. One of the charms of Old San Juan is the expression of popular art and the festivals that take place in the neighboring towns, including the carnival, are not to be missed attractions. You can drive Puerto Rico by car in a single day, but do not rush; Make the most of this peaceful and charming place.

Coffee farms, colonial cities, beaches, bars and restaurants await to be explored. To the old San Juan, it houses the Castle of San Felipe del Morro; An enviable place to stroll around and get to know the history of the city. Enjoy life in a different place, walking in the rain forest, scuba diving or swimming in the bioluminescent lagoon of Vieques.

On this island, there are dozens of deserted beaches, and there are kayak tours, with experienced guides that will showcase some of the many natural beauties of the place.

For those in love with nature, an excellent place to spend the day on a Puerto Rico vacation is the Yunque National Park, the only tropical reserve in the United States National Parks. There are 28,000 hectares of tropical forest that house more than 200 species of trees. Yunque Park is located in the Luquillo Mountains, just 45 minutes from San Juan.

On holidays to Puerto Rico you will find the country has more than 500 kilometers of beaches, and it is no wonder that it has the nickname "Isla Del Encanto." The most developed beach is Flamingo on the island of Vieques. There are 2kms of sand with picnic facilities and shade trees. The beach is riddled with tanks from World War II, from the days when the US Navy used the island of Vieques for firing exercises. Located on the west coast of Puerto Rico, Flamingo Beach is a city surrounded by crystalline waters composed of several hotels, shops and nightlife attractions for young people. Also, the visitor has several options of water sports, rafting, boat safaris, trips to national parks and visits to volcanoes are also some of the necessary activities in the city.

The beaches are almost always deserted, even though they are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Nearly three-quarters of the island are owned by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The island of Culebra is less developed but has a wildlife refuge with rich coral reefs.

Culebra is undoubtedly your best choice for a place where you can stay on a Puerto Rico vacation without doing anything more complicated than enjoying the calm, clear waters on sunny days.

Where to Stay

In San Juan, the capital, is where you will find the most varied hotel styles on Puerto Rico holidays. From the classic Hilton, the chic Wanderwild, the funky El Convento, the upscale Ritz... But our tip is the boutique San Juan Water Club Beach Hotel. It is in the region of Isla Verde, one of the best in the city, even for those who want to take an urban beach. The stay is also worth the details that make the difference: comfortable rooms, the Zest restaurant's delicious dishes and the perfect terrace to enjoy the landscape. "Chevere" (or cool), as they say there.

How to Get There

Most destinations in the Caribbean do not have direct flights to Puerto Rico (SJU). Making one connection, the best companies to reach the destination for your Puerto Rico vacation are:

- American Airlines (with connection in Miami, United States)

- Avianca (with connection in Bogota, Colombia)

- Copa Airlines (with connection in Panama City)

- Delta (with connection in Atlanta, United States)

The international airport (Luis Muñoz Marin - SJU) is only 9km from most hotels in the Condado district and approximately 13km from the historic center, Viejo San Juan.

Planning Your Puerto Rico Vacation

Once you have begun your holidays in Puerto Rico, you have time to consider what matters. To get to know the crème de la crème between the beaches of Puerto Rico, either rent your boat or catch a catamaran at Vila Marina, Fajardo region, about an hour's drive from San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. It is also possible to do this flight by plane from San Juan to Ceiba. The destination is the Island of Culebra where are the unmissable beaches Luis Peña and Flamenco, this considered one of the most beautiful in the world! White sand, a stunning blue sea, and seagulls flying overhead. Impossible not to rub your eyes to make sure that it is not a mirage ... And it is not!

Puerto Rico is a free state associated with the United States, that is, it is US territory, but it has its laws and government as you will discover on holidays to Puerto Rico. Old San Juan, or Viejo San Juan, founded in 1520, is the second oldest city in the Western Hemisphere, after Santo Domingo. Unesco World Heritage is undoubtedly one of the fascinating open-air museums I have ever visited. A charm with its colorful houses, centuries-old churches, cafes, shops and Blue cobbled streets, unique in the world, brought by the Spaniards, in the 16th century. Worth reserving a full day to explore the history and take a bath of culture.

To begin, enter the Capitol, a replica of the United States Capitol. The beautiful building, partly built with Italian marble, concentrates the Senate and guards the local constitution. At the exit, you will see the statue of San Juan Bautista (Saint John the Baptist), patron of the city.


The main tour of San Juan is the El Morro fort, located high in the city. At the entrance, a wide and beautiful lawn, which serves as a park for people to sunbathe and date, guarantees good views of the city and the beach. The fort, in great condition, also provides wonderful views, plus more knowledge about the history of Puerto Rico.

San Juan is a great shopping destination, with shops and hawkers scattered all over the island. It will not be hard to find a good offer, especially from international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach and Guess, among others. The main shopping street of downtown is Calle Fortaleza.


The capital San Juan is sought after by many and known by the regulars as the "Walled City," about the numerous fortresses that surround it. The destination is very well served by beaches and rainforests, making it a great travel option for guests who are in search of historical walks and lush landscapes.

The hospitality of the local population, a high level of quality in services and a receptive structure with high qualification, compared to other destinations in the Caribbean, make Puerto Rico, an option that exceeds travelers’ expectations upon arrival.

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