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Why Poland

We know that when you think about a visit to Europe, few people include Poland holidays in their itinerary, in fact, many people do not even know where Poland is or which cities to visit. Poland is "behind" Germany, near the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia and is among the ten largest countries in Europe by area.

Natural beauties: Being a large country, Poland is also very rich and diverse in landscapes, has beaches, mountains, snow, forests. It is certain that the beaches in the region of Gdansk are bathed by the Baltic Sea, and are well far from having the hottest temperatures.

Food: You eat very well in Poland! Many dishes with potatoes, kale, sausage and bacon are also very common, Polish cooking is the typical winter cooking when we need more energy. Soup served on the bread called Zurek and is a favorite Polish dish. It is a soup made with sausage, potatoes, and pieces of boiled eggs which are a delight. Polish food is quite tasty and somewhat fatty by many standards, but every time we go to Poland, we always try to try something different. There is also Bigos, another well-known dish, and barszcz which is a beet soup and reminiscent of borsch, beet soup. Many Polish dishes have variations on cuisines from other Slavic countries. Pierogi is a close cousin of Russian pelmeni and other dishes from Central and Eastern Europe, although the most common way is boiled, it also has fried and sweet pierogi with apple syrup used for dessert.

Poland is cheap: Poland is one of the cheapest European countries, absolutely everything is cheaper than most European neighbors. Although it belongs to the European Union, Poland does not use the Euro as currency, but its currency, the zloty. For those with a tight budget, Poland holidays are a marvel, you can save money, or if you prefer, eat in better restaurants paying the same price as other countries, and also sleep better hotels paying half the price of a large Capital of Europe.


More than 90% of the territory of Poland is below 300 meters above sea level, being a country of low altitude.

Poland is situated in the northern temperate zone. The climate is mountainous in the higher areas of the Sudety and Karpaty mountains.

The temperature in summer varies according to the region being between 17 and 19 degrees Celsius and this is the best to go on holidays to Poland.

The annual precipitation is about 600 mm.

The lowest temperatures are usually from October to March.

How to Spend Your Poland Holidays

Chopin's land awaits you, you will witness the story in the Old Town of Warsaw, utterly destroyed by Hitler - with Stalin's full connivance, a dramatic end to the Levant, portrayed in Roman Polanski's award-winning film The Pianist. Reconstructed in the smallest details, today the center of the capital is a world heritage site along with the romantic Krakow with its large square, many churches, and the mighty Wawel castle. Not far from there a mandatory stop at Auschwitz makes us reflect a bit on the horrors of war. A little further south, along with the border with Slovakia, the Tatras Mountains rise and their spectacular natural landscapes, easy to explore from the bustling Zakopane.

In terms of cuisine, the Polish table features stupendous dishes such as pork neck, thin sausages, the ubiquitous pierogi and beet soup and the miód honey wine. Not to mention surprising beers and dozens of varieties of vodka, such as Zubrowka, made of rye and flavored with a herb.

Here is the list of World Heritage in Poland, all places that you should visit on holidays in Poland:

Historic Center of Krakow (1978)

Wieliczka Salt Mines (1978)

Auschwitz Concentration Camp (1979)

Białowieża National Park / Belovezhskaya Pushcha (1979, 1992) (cross-border site with Belarus)

Historic Center of Warsaw (1980)

Ancient City of Zamość (1992)

Castle of the Teutonic Order of Malbork (1997)

Medieval City of Toruń (1997)

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska: Architectural Mannerist and Landscape Set and Pilgrimage Park (1999)

Churches of Peace in Jawor and Swidnica (2001)

Southern Wood Churches of Little Poland (2003)

Muskauer-Muzakowski Park (2004) (cross-border site with Germany)

Centennial Hall in Wrocław (2006)

Tserkvas of wood from the Carpathian region in Poland and Ukraine (2013)

Where to Stay

Holidays to Poland offer a broad range of accommodation. More than half a million places are waiting for tourists, typical and sometimes incredibly original.

Hotels belonging to international chains are present in almost every city. In addition to modern buildings, an excellent choice is small historical hotels, sometimes with 600-year-old beams and rafters, or Gothic vaults, heated swimming pools, saunas and health clinics. Hotels of this type, whose history dates back to the 18th century, are found in Krakow, Poznań, Toruń and Gdańsk, as well as in small historic towns. In the resorts, there are comfortable pensions and large hotels with tennis courts, golf courses, fitness centers, sporting equipment rental shops and private marinas, for the most demanding tourist.

When to Go

The Polish climate is much more mild and pleasant during the period from May to October and this is the best time to plan your Poland holidays. The peak period coincides with local holidays in July and August, and of course all tourist attractions and regions are much more crowded. This is the case of the Baltic, Carpathian and Tatra Mountains or the Masurian Great Lakes. The cities of Krakow and Warsaw also, by this time, are crowded; accommodation is harder to find and also more expensive. That is even after, in a happy decision, many schools and universities open the doors of their homes as if they were youth hostels. The supply of affordable housing has increased, but they still fall short of demand.

To avoid the crowds, the best time will be to travel in late spring / early summer (mid-May and June) or fall arrival (September and October). They are periods with mild temperatures, suitable for outdoor activities.

How to Get to Poland

Lufthansa, Alitalia, KLM, Britsh Airways, Swiss and Air France make a connections in European countries before landing in Warsaw. Ryan Air connects Krakow to centers such as Rome, London, and Madrid, while EasyJet has options for London and Paris.

By road, the national railway company PKP connects the country to its neighbors, such as Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, in addition to serving the largest cities in the country.

Planning Your Holidays to Poland

First of all remember Poland is cheap! Meaning you have scope to pack a lot into your Poland trip without breaking the bank. For the best value check out our range of Poland holiday packages.

Everyone on holidays in Poland need to visit Auschwitz. The world's best-known concentration camp houses many sad narratives of Poles and people of other nationalities – particularly Jews – in concentration camps. However, despite all this, everyone who tours the place says that the sensation of being so close to history is indefinable. It is worth checking!

Meet new beers: For those who love to travel and get to know the local beers, Poland is a great destination to visit. It produces more than 80 kinds of beer! Another curiosity is that each Pole drinks, on average, 92 liters of beer a year - the drink, incidentally, was already present during the reign of Boleslaw I, Bravo (992 - 1025).

On Poland holidays, you find all kinds of fun and climate. If you enjoy a cold and want to ski in the snow, just go to Zakopane in the south of the land in December or January.  In case you aim to know a little more about the country and its people, you can visit Krakow and Warsaw. If you prefer the summer and want to have some fun on a beach, just travel in July, the beaches of Sopot, Gdynia, and Gdansk. In Warsaw, the Polish capital, do not miss the central market of the city, which was partly damaged during World War II, but rebuilt soon after. In the market square, be sure to see the bronze sculpture of the Warsaw Mermaid, the symbol of the city. In Krakow, do not miss the Market Square in the Old Town area. Built in the 13th century, the square is surrounded by ancient buildings, palaces, and churches. Do not forget to visit the Pano Palace, rebuilt in 1555 in the Renaissance style.

In Poland, you can see many castles. In Krakow, you can visit Wawel Castle, a large place that holds many legends and secrets. It was erected in the fourteenth century, and the Gothic building is now the only building of the Jewish crown fully saved in the country. You can also tour the Malbork Castle which was established in 1274 by the Teutonic knights fighting the Poles to conquer territories in the Baltic Sea region, and the castle has been expanded several times to house the increasing number of knights. Today is the biggest tourist spot in the city of Malbork.

Try local cuisine on your holidays to Poland: The most famous Polish dish is the pierogi, which is a kind of baked pie. In the filling, Poles range from curd with potato, sour cabbage, and beans. At dessert time, how about experiencing paczki? Delight is a kind of cookie, traditional in the country for at least three centuries.

Polish people also like zapiekanka, which is a typical street snack: it's an open baguette with melted cheese, mushrooms and ketchup. Another typical flavor strip is the canned cucumber, cabbage, and onion.


Despite the scars of a past marked by the extermination of thousands of Jews during World War II, economic decadence in times of Soviet rule and invasions that kept it off the map for more than a century - divided between Russia, Prussia, and Austria until 1918 - Poland welcomes foreigners and is committed to growing. Especially from the tourist point of view. There are many reasons to celebrate, such as joining the European Union, the beatification of John Paul II and Euro 2012. In this new phase, cities like Warsaw, Krakow and small Wadowice – the cradle of the pope – invest in infrastructure, staff training and the renovation of its main tourist attractions. You soon realize how differentiated the people who lead this new wave are by the number of bookstores on the streets, be they in a small village or a large metropolis. In fact, with the first generation post-communism entering the job market, you will find more and more young people speaking English and becoming less Russian-influenced.

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