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Peru, Nuevo Sol
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Why Peru

The popularity of Peru as a tourist destination is primarily caused by the wonders and mysteries associated with this country - the mysterious legacy of ancient civilizations that once chose the lands of prehistoric Peru as their patrimony.


Even the most discerning travelers freeze in amazement when they see perfectly fitted monoliths of the temples of Machu Picchu, examine reverently the advanced astronomical "devices" of prehistoric observatories in Peru and speculate about the origin of geometrically correct Nazca drawings that stretch for kilometers. In addition, Peru boasts a rich ecosystem: the delta of the Amazon is inhabited by the third of all known animal species.

The main wealth of Peru is its gorgeous national parks and monuments of ancient civilizations. Lima as the kaleidoscope city, Cusco - the capital of the Incas, mystical Nazca lines, the temples of Machu Picchu and the Amazon delta full of life – all these attractions await travelers, who dare to go on Peru holidays.

Also Peru welcomes its visitors to ancient Indian cities with the mysterious buildings, the "green hell" of its virgin jungle, the deepest canyon in the world and high-altitude Lake Titicaca, which was once a part of the ocean.



When planning holidays in Peru bear in mind climate conditions vary strongly in different regions of the country. On the coast, winter lasts from June to September; the average year temperature is +16-25 ° C with very low humidity. In mountainous areas, at altitudes up to 3,500 meters the climate is temperate; the temperature in winter (June-October) is +4-6 ° C, in summer - up to +16- 17 ° C, and in the valleys – up to +24 ° C.

"Puna" (cold place) begins above this zone. Here the climate is mountainous: winter temperature ranges from 0 to -7 ° C, in summer it reaches +3 -7 ° C with the rarefied air and the sharp daily fluctuations of temperature (at daytime it can reach + 22-28 ° C and decrease to -12 ° C at night). The mountains are covered with snow and glaciers all the year round.


The eastern and north-eastern parts of the country have very different weather conditions in comparison with the center and the west: average summer temperature on Selva plains ranges from +18 to +27 ° C, in winter - from +16 to +26 ° C. Two seasons can be distinguished in the country – dry (May-October) and wet one (November-April).

The best time to go on holidays to Peru and visit mountain areas and Selva is June-August, the coastal areas - December-March.

How to Spend Your Peru Holidays

In Peru attractions can be divided into two categories: the heritage of ancient civilizations (known and unknown), and natural beauty, carefully preserved in national parks.

Pisac is the city and the ancient Inca citadel, located 33 km from Cusco in the Sacred Valley of the Incas near the Urubamba River. In the suburbs of Pisac, you can see the ruins of ancient fortifications that protected the entrance to the valley. In addition, city-pyramid Ollantaytambo and Chinchero Village in the Sacred Valley are also a must-see on Peru holidays.

Nazca Desert, one of the tourist’s gems of the country, is located in southern Peru between the rivers of Ingenio and Nasca. It is an almost square stone plateau mottled with huge enigmatic paintings drawn with one continuous line, embossed in stone that are visible only from the air. Drawings depict human figures, birds and animals, many of which, oddly enough, do not live in the region of Nazca. The date of the creation of these drawings is supposedly 350-700 years BC. Necropolis Chowchilla (1st century BC.) is also to be found in this region.

Arequipa - the most beautiful city in the country is located in the south of Peru at an altitude of 2335 meters above the sea level.  The major attractions are Convento de Santa Catalina, the Jesuit Church of La Campana, the central Plaza de Armas, the former Mint Casa de la Moneda, the mansion Casa Mora. Colca Canyon - a unique natural object, which is considered to be the deepest in the world, is 180 km from Arequipa.

Costa is a Pacific coast of the country. Here on your holidays to Peru you can visit the National Marine Reserve "Paracas" Huacachina sand dunes, oases around Iki - the capital of winemakers, National Park" Huascaran”, the valley of Huaylas, the ancient clay city of Chan Chan and pre-Inca cities of Sipan and Tukums.

Trujillo - the capital of Costa, was founded in the 16th century and preserved its style of the colonial era. The main square of Plaza de Armas, the Town Hall, Bishop's Palace, the Cathedral, the Archeological Museum and Kassineli museum, the art gallery at Casa Ganosa building, as well as numerous monasteries are worth seeing here. The ruins of ancient cities, temples and fortresses, and an ecological reserve in Batan Grande are located in the vicinity of Trujillo and are of great interest as well.

Selva is located in the eastern part of the country. It attracts tourists with unique flora and fauna: mahogany, rubber, Sarsaparilla, vanilla trees and a great variety of exotic tropical flowers are growing in the jungle. You can observe pink dolphins, caimans and other reptiles, as well as a variety of endemic birds at the Amazon River. Moreover, purebred Indian tribes still live here, while numerous monuments of ancient cultures are lost in the jungle. Find them for yourself on Peru holidays.

Where to Stay

Holidays to Peru offer a great choice of accommodation options for its travelers: world-class luxury hotels in the modern high-rise buildings, historic hotels located in the monasteries of the 16th century and buildings of the colonial era, cheap family hotels and even farmhouses, nestled in the famous rainforest. There are also mediocre hotels, the quantity and quality of which, as well as the level of service, has grown in recent years. A range of business-class hotels (mainly in Lima) is developed separately.

Certain types of hotels in Peru have their special names. For example, hostel is a small hotel with a limited range of services (not to be confused with hostels or dormitories). In some cases, they are divided into hospedajes (inns), pensiones and residenciales (guest houses). Remember that these names are not the indicator of the quality and service provided in these objects of accommodation.

Various types of low-cost hotels in Peru are marked as following: H (3-star hotel), HS (hostel or 1-2- star hotel), HR (family-run hotel or guest house) and P (pension).

International hotel chains such as Holiday Inn, Marriott, Best Western and Orient-Express, as well as a number of local ones - Casa Andina, Sonesta and Libertador are also operating in Peru.

Best season to go on Peru holidays is from June to October. It is the time of many colorful events and festivals, so more and more tourists arrive here every year. If you decide to visit such popular destinations like Machu Picchu and Cusco in peak season, take care of your accommodation (especially if you prefer low-cost options) and book a hotel in advance on

How to Get to Peru

Unless you are travelling overland in South America, you will need to fly to reach Peru. Prices vary depending on the time of year, how far you buy in advance and seem to hold fares steady and tickets can easily be bought online. Outside of Christmas and to a lesser extent Easter, high season is roughly from late May to early October.

You can sometimes cut costs by going through a specialist flight or travel agent, who, in addition to dealing with discounted flights.

Most people arrive via Jorge Chavez airport in Lima.

Planning Your Holidays to Peru

There are five main things that you should do on your holidays in Peru to make them memorable.

You should be there on the celebration of the annual religious holiday El Senor de los Milagros in October, which takes place on the main square of Lima - Plaza de armas.
Take a look at the house Aliaga (Casa de Aliaga) in Lima, the oldest house of the colonial era, where the descendants of Aliaga in 16 generations are still dwelling. You can get into the house if you have an agreement of the owners and pay 30 PEN.
Meet a local shaman in the jungle, who will conduct the ritual with Ayahuasca, sniff a bottle of magic liquid and restock your first aid kit with a famous means "7 roots" that is supposed to heal all the diseases.
Walk through the olive grove in the area of ​​San Isidro, where about 1,500 trees grow.
See the only beach in Peru with red sand, which is in the "Paracas" national park.

Before going on Peru holidays and visiting the Amazon you should be vaccinated against yellow fever (at least 10 days before the trip), have malaria tablets, repellents and sunscreens. There is a risk of infection with hepatitis B and D in this country.


Rich with natural beauty and colonial grandeur

Peru is home to the first pyramids in the world and many other archeological sites, many of them located in the High Andes. Peru is a fascinating country.

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