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Why Panama

The word "Panama" translates as "a place where there is a lot of fish" from one of the Indian languages. Modern Panamanians paraphrased this translation as "a place where there is not only a canal". The canal itself, as a masterpiece of human engineering thought, is worth admiring and photographing, but there really is more to enjoy, in addition to technological progress on your Panama holidays. This is why this country topped the rating of cities to visit according to The New York Times.

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the stunning coastline. Both the Caribbean and the Pacific look like the covers of advertising booklets. White beaches are stretching for miles. Water is transparent and warm, palms provide shadow. It’s too tricky to go to Panama in summer because most travelers are not even able to leave the beach.

Panama is a unique country, which offers plenty of entertainment options. Here the tourist can enjoy both beach holidays and eco-tourism, as well as such popular activities as surfing, deep-sea fishing, diving, rafting and hiking, cognitive tourism and ethno-tourism.

When to go

Panama has a tropical climate with a stable temperature, which practically does not change during the year. The average monthly temperature is +25-28 degrees Celsius, the water temperature near the coast is about +24 degrees Celsius all the year round.

On the Caribbean coast and the northern slopes of the mountains the climate is tropical and it rains here a lot. Powerful downpours are common from May to December, but there is no shortage of moisture in other months. Tropical hurricanes are frequent here as well. In the highlands, it rains less, and the south side of the mountains on the Pacific coast is dominated by a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons. Heavy rain showers are observed in the capital of the country in May-November, and in the dry season fresh sea breeze helps to survive the heat.

The most comfortable weather conditions for holidays to Panama are the period from December to May, because dry weather sets in and the minimum amount of precipitation falls during this time.

Where to go/stay

Panama is a bridge that connects two continents - South and North America. The main attraction of the country is the world-famous Panama Canal, which connects two oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic. The coastline of Panama reveals its amazing underwater world, and fashionable hotels of famous world hotel chains along the sandy beaches are welcoming everyone, who comes on Panama holidays.

Panama is an incomparable and exotic country starting from its modern capital Panama City to the Indian archipelago of San Blas that is frozen in time. Every traveler, who happens to visit it, would not get rid of the feeling of a wonderful discovery. The Panamanian jungle with the highest point of the country - the Baru volcano is one of the richest ecosystems on the planet.

More than a quarter of the Panama area is allotted to national parks and nature reserves. Walking in the Panamanian forest, you can easily come across playing monkeys, a hunting jaguar, bright toucans or an Indian, retired from the tribe.

In addition to national parks, the country has the highest mountain village - Cerro Punta and coffee plantations, where you can observe the whole process of creating a popular drink on Panama holidays. The Indian culture of the pre-Hispanic period is also worth mentioning. One of the tribes, Ngobe-Bugle, has been living in the mountainous regions of Panama for seven centuries.

Things to do

The Panama Canal, one of the longest and the tensest artificial waterways in the world, has brought the greatest popularity to the country. The Canal Zone is the best place for buying goods from around the world - the prices are low, and there are practically no taxes.

Panama City is a modern, dynamic city, similar to any other metropolis. The only difference is that Panama stretches for 10 kilometers along the Pacific coast, and it's a really beautiful city, where you can feel fresh sea breeze everywhere. If you go on holidays in Panama City make sure to visit the old district of San Felipe. Here the colonial splendor of the Spanish founders has been preserved in all its glory. You should also visit the Catedral Square, the Monastery of Santo Domingo (its ruins left after the invasion of pirates in the 17th century), and the University of La Compagnia with a Jesuit church.

The area of ​​Panama City is the territory of the Panama Canal, the Soberania Reserve, the ruins of Panama Viejo, the Botanical Garden Summit and the Zoo.
Taboga is a picturesque island 20 km to the south from Panama City that will be interesting for all the fans of exotic flowers and birds.
San Blas is an archipelago in the east of the country, where you can find the authentic villages of the Kuna Indians.

Bocas Del Toro is a famous archipelago in the west of Panama, the major part of which is occupied by the picturesque Bastimentos National Park. Moreover, the most popular dive sites of the Caribbean coast are the sites of the Bocas Del Toro archipelago. Here you can see moray eels, groupers, a large number of stingrays, different types of corals, several species of sharks and anemones. Also you can go surfing on the island of Colon.

The Pacific coast offers the island of Morro Negrito, the beaches of Theta and Malibu, which are located not far from Panama City, as well as Los Santos province for those who come on holidays to Panama for surfing.


Due to the increasing number of travelers, who come on Panama holidays, local hotels are never empty anymore. Therefore, a prudent traveler is advised to book a hotel in Panama in advance. This will guarantee your room reservation and you will not have to overpay for the stay on arrival.

For those tourists who come to the country for the first time, seasoned travelers offer to start exploring the country from its capital, while the "heart" of the country is located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean with plenty of sights in close vicinity.

The hotels in the center of Panama can arrange a shuttle service for those who wish to visit the Darien Park - national treasure of the whole country.  You can spend several days on exploring the nearby islands of the archipelago, which also provide accommodation options for the travelers.  Make use of’s hotel booking system to check the best prices for hotels in Panama.