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Why Norway

Located in the extreme north of Europe, bordering Russia, Sweden, and Finland, Norway attracts and enchants tourists with its landscapes, culture, and history. The midnight sun country has more than 90% of its land occupied by fields and forests, perfect scenery for lovers of ecotourism activities. Hundreds of

Scattered trails in the region is a full serving for those who enjoy trekking. Your Norway holidays begin here.

Currently, the country is considered the second happiest in the world, only losing to Denmark, to create this ranking, factors are evaluated from 15 countries among them, health, freedom, life expectancy and official support.

Known worldwide for the Vikings, the Nobel Prize, its fjords and for having much oil, Norway is also the most costly country in Europe and possibly the world, but even though it is super expensive, the destination deserves to be without a doubt in the list of places to see before you die.

Oslo is the capital of the country and can be considered peaceful, in fact, you can consider the whole country to be very peaceful, besides being one of the happiest countries in the world is also the third safest, this security is a plus for tourists who can take advantage of every corner of the city with walking tours on holidays in Norway, since most of the sights are situated in the center of Oslo.

What will get you packing and running to Norway:

The country has a law called "Allemannsrett" which means "all human rights". It means that when coming and going, the law gives rights of access and passage to any land that is not cultivated, people can camp or even cross it and no one can prevent them, but it is temporary, you must must just be passing through or overnighting, you can not take advantage of this law and extend your stay for many days in the same place.

The country has breathtaking beauty. The Huffington Post published an article about the 25 reasons that lead Norway to be the best place on earth. Looking at the list, you want to pack your suitcase and take a trip of the country from end to end. However, you should be mindful of the cost. In the list of the 20 most expensive cities in the world in 2013, Oslo reigned in first place - the average price of beer in a bar US$14. To get an idea, Tokyo held sixth place.


During the winter (December to March) temperatures in the north of the country can reach -40 degrees Celsius; However, in the southern and coastal part, the winter is milder, but in general, rainy. Summer can have temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius at its peak, between July and August.

Extremely hot days in Norway are rare. Here there is no bad day, it is simply about having the right clothes. And it's true: if you stop doing something because of snow or rain, you are lost. July, besides having pleasant temperatures, is also a dead month, everything grinds to a stop. Every worker is entitled to a summer holiday, negotiable with their employer, which causes the population in Oslo to fall by half. The vast majority travel to countries such as Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Thailand to enjoy the summer in style and on excellent beaches. Those who stay in Oslo opt for boat trips through the fjords, fishing and beaches and the many local lakes. The water is at 23 degrees Celsius, not bad for a Nordic country and, more pleasant (hot) than the beach of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro.

How to Spend Your Norway Holidays

The charm of its mountainous regions, its coastal region dotted with fjords and the proximity to the Arctic attract mainly European visitors on a Norway vacation. Other tourist attractions of Norway are its castles and other medieval period buildings scattered throughout the country.

Norway is also a perfect trip for lovers of trekking and other eco-tourism modalities. In several places of the country, there are trails marked by mountains and forests. There is even the possibility of trekking on glaciers.

Open to tourism, Norway has a good hotel infrastructure, modern road network and efficient public transport. It is easy and easy to travel around Norway, either by renting a car or by taking trains and buses.


For most, Norway holidays begin in the capital, Oslo, an ancient city. Although smaller than the other Scandinavian capitals, it houses historical buildings and a castle, and the biggest attraction is the museums. Of them, the most interesting are the Vikingskipshuset, full of Viking relics, like jewels placed on the funeral boats of kings - and even the boats of more than a thousand years, rescued from the bottom of the fjords!

The Fjords Norway has as main tourist attractions its fjords (fjords), profound and narrow gulfs between high cliffs, which cut the coast of the country in the Atlantic Ocean. They are the result of melting glaciers occurring at the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago. The pressure of the glaciers opened deep cracks in the mountains, which were later invaded by the sea. The fjords can be traveled by boat. The offset point for getting to visit the region of the fjords in Norway is the city of Bergen. There are cruises of different lengths that run between the authentic stone walls on one side and another on the fjords, an impressive spectacle.

The midnight sun

Due to latitude, in the height of summer in the northernmost regions of Norway, the sun never sets. The star gets quite low on the horizon, like a reddish sunset, then slowly rising again, without dusk. It's fascinating to see the midnight sun reflecting in the snow. The ideal city for this is Tromso, on an island, by a fjord.

Auroras Borealis

In northern Norway another phenomenon is equally spectacular: the aurora borealis are a spectacle of colorful lights that seem to dance on the horizon, capable of leaving anyone's mouth open. The show is part of the tourist attractions that the country offers. They are not visible during the time of the Midnight Sun.

Ski resorts

Norway holidays are perfect for winter sports. The most practiced ski is the valley bottom, by marked and illuminated trails (since in winter there is almost no sun in the northern regions of the country). The main winter sports center in Norway is Morgedal in Telemark. In addition to skiing, there are less radical options such as motorized or dog-drawn sleigh.

Western Cape

An interesting tourist route for making a car in Norway is Hamar and Lake Mjøsa; Lillehammer, who in 1994 hosted the Winter Olympics; The beautiful scenery of the Gudbrandsdalen valley and the small towns of Vågå and Lom, famous for their medieval, wooden churches and the Road to Geiranger with magnificent views. If you have time for a scanty detour in your travel itinerary, give an arrival to Dalsnibba, established at 1494 meters above sea level; Or take a ferry across the dramatic Geirangerfjord.

Helgeland and Lofoten

Another top tourist route on Norway vacation is to drive the coast of Helgeland, famous for its natural beauty. The itinerary includes mountain areas such as Mount Torghatten, and boat trips through the islands of the coast.


There are several cruise options on holidays in Norway, departing from Bergen, super comfortable but not cheap. But, Bergen is not just a starting point for a visit to the Fjords. It is also a historical and charming city, with a typical architecture and still preserves its medieval quarter. Streets like Knøsesmauet are particularly graceful. One of the best tours in Bergen is to take a cable car to the top of Mount Ulriken: the view of the region is breathtaking. From Bergen, you can also arrive by car to the Sognefjord another place with landscapes of rare beauty.


Endowed in the first century of the Christian era, Trondheim preserves its historical center of the eighteenth century. Among its tourist attractions are the Sttiftsgarden, an enormous wooden building, Norway's largest and one of the most important in the world. Inaugurated in 1778, it now serves as a residence for the royal family in Trondheim. In the city, there is also a complete museum of decorative arts, the Nordenfljeldske, which houses furniture and period objects from the 16th to the 20th century.


Known as the "cod capital," Aslesund is a very graceful fishing town which is a 50-minute flight from Oslo. Destroyed, almost entirely by a fire in 1904, Aalesund practically reindeer sky from the ashes. Situated on a peninsula and islands, Aalesund gives the impression of being a kind of Nordic Venice with its canals and their colorful houses. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Norway, Aalesund was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Where to Stay

Accommodation is often an expensive item in any travel budget, so if you want to save money, try staying in hostels. If it is summer and you are in the car, camping is the cheapest option, and the country is very prepared for it.

When to Go

As Norway is a cold country where there is rarely the sunshine all day, the ideal time to travel for holidays to Norway is from May to September (until the beginning of October).

On May 10, we arrived in Oslo. If you plan to take walks in nature (which I point out a lot, the landscapes are breathtaking), the ideal is to start the trip there around May 20-25. But as the country also has other attractions that we wanted to meet, we did not mind traveling a little earlier.

How to Get There

The country has more than 50 airports, but the main ones are in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Haugesund (receives you from low-cost Ryanair), Trondheim and Tromsø; And the leading local airlines are SAS, Norwegian and Widerøe.

Planning Your Holidays to Norway

Do not go to Oslo expecting strong emotions: it is a quieter city. It is charming culturally, especially for those who want to understand how those people live. The quality of life and safety are two important items for Norwegians, and they make Oslo the incredible city it is. But do not expect the effervescence of a Paris or London, for example.

The ideal time to spend on Norway vacation would be 3 or 4 weeks if you want to run the whole country, but we do not always have that much time. So if you are planning to travel there, stay at least a week and try to focus on a smaller region to explore it better. Here is the list of World Heritage in Norway includes the following places:

Bryggen (Bergen) (1979)

Wooden Church of Urnes (1979)

The Mining City of Røros and Circumference (1980, extended in 2010)

High Rock Art Sites (1985)

Vegaøyan - Vega Archipelago (2004)

Struve Geodetic Arc (2005) (international site in ten countries)

Western Fjords of Norway - Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord (2005)

Former industrial complex of Notodden in Riukan (2015)


The incredible Norwegian landscapes of the Fjords were created with the succession of ice ages and had not changed the world since the first records of human presence in the territory. There seals and eagles reign, and whales and fish patrol the waters of the fjords.

All of this awaits you on holidays to Norway with Here are some of our picks of where to stay on Norway holidays: