Cancun holidays

Essential Information

When To Go

Winter, Spring, Autumn
December – February


Getting There

432 £GBP


Stay There

22 £GBP

3-star hotel


Tourist Visa
not required

Up to 180 days

Mexico, Peso
1.00 USD = 19.86 MXN
Airport Transport

Bus: 3 £GBP (35 min)
Lunch ≈ 6 £GBP
Dinner (for two) ≈ 16 £GBP
Espresso ≈ 1.70 £GBP
Bottled water ≈ 0.55 £GBP
Health & Safety
Travel insurance is recommended
Emergency numbers:
Ambulance: 066
Police: 066

Why Cancun

Immaculate beaches, electric nightlife, incredible ancient ruins and exciting eco-adventures are all of the agenda on Cancun holidays. Cancun truly offers you the opportunity to soak up the culture of the Riviera Maya from one of the world’s major tourist destinations and you can do it in style in the glamorous Hotel Zone, which is home to all-inclusive resorts.

The Yucatan Peninsula is flanked on all sides by idyllic Caribbean white-sanded beaches that are some of the most stunning in the world, inland you can take in the history, wonder and intrigue of incredible Mayan ruins and if you are the adventurous type try taking to the waters of the largest barrier reefs in the world for snorkelling or diving.

When to go


Planning Cancun holidays, consider that its climate is tropical with little variation punctuated by rainy seasons. Warm year-round, the city’s temperatures are tempered by sea winds reaching an average of 27.1 degrees Celsius (80.8 Fahrenheit). Inland on the peninsula and without the cooling influence of the Caribbean temperatures typically reach 35 degrees Celcius (95 Fahrenheit) most afternoons.

Where to go/stay

The Mexican government first recognised the importance of tourism dollars flowing into the nation’s economy in 1967 and selected the small fishing village of Cancun as the site of a purpose-built tourist destination. Planners got it right, this city now attracts 3.3 million visitors annually to modern Cancun resorts with an infrastructure to rival any of the world’s leisure destinations. It also blends the new with the ancient – Cancun is considered to be the gateway to the Mayan World (El Mundo Maya). Cancun is the premier leisure destination in Latin America and as you’d expect from a purpose-built resort city populated by the world’s most famous brands in hospitality and retail tourists are left wanting nothing.

Things to do

While most people opt to lie on the beach working on their tans as the clear blue and warm waters of the Caribbean lap at the shore, if sport is your thing, Cancun holidays won’t let you down. The snorkelling and scuba diving around the stunning coral reefs is world class, or you can opt to stay (mostly) dry on a sport fishing tour.

The city also has five golf courses for golfers to perfect their technique or you can a walk on the wild side on a jungle tour – Mexico is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.

For a cultural expedition look no further than the El Castillo pyramid at Chichen Itza – labelled as one of the wonders of the world. A visit the walled city of Tulum, one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans, is awe-inspiring in itself but the fact it overlooks the sea makes it even more so. Then there’s Uxmal’s impressive Pyramid of the Magician to round-out the history lesson during your holidays to Cancun.