Mexico holidays

Essential Information

When To Go

Winter, Spring

December – February

March, April

Getting There

541 £GBP


Stay There

17 £GBP

4-star hotel


Tourist Visa
not required

Freedom of movement

Mexico, Peso
1.00 USD = 20.01 MXN
Airport Transport

Taxi: 8 £GBP (25 min)

Subway: 0.7 £GBP (25 min)

Lunch ≈ 5.35 £GBP
Dinner (for two) ≈ 17 £GBP
Espresso ≈ 1.95 £GBP
Bottled water ≈ 0.55 £GBP
Health & Safety
Travel insurance is recommended
Emergency numbers:
Ambulance: 060
Police: 060

Why Mexico

Mexico’s culture represents the evolution from the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations to the influx of Spanish settlers later on to become a country with its own unique identity. That identity is most commonly seen in the delicious food, which is a far cry from the cuisine served in Spain and it is waiting to be sampled on Mexico holidays. Aside from the food there really is something for everyone in Mexico from exploring the wonders of the ancient Aztec pyramids and Mayan relics to simply relaxing on the country’s gorgeous beaches, which for holidaymakers at least hold the most appeal.

Running from the US in the north to Belize and Guatemala in the south, Mexico is the link between the continents of North and South America. The east coast of Mexico is washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and is home to popular destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Playacar and Riviera Maya. On the Pacific coast the quality of the beaches around Perto Vallarta are as good as those on the opposite coast, while the Sierra Madre Mountains offer various active pursuits such as abseiling and zip-lining for interesting holidays to Mexico.

When to go


Mexico is effectively divided in two by the Tropic of Cancer meaning both temperate and tropical zones. Mexico has one of the most diverse weather systems in the world. North of the 24th parallel temperatures are generally cooler in winter, while south of the parallel remain constant year-round and vary only due to the elevation above sea level. Areas with elevations up to 1,000 metres (3,281 feet) (the Yucatan Peninsula and both coastal plains) have a yearly average temperature of between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius (75.2 to 82.4 Fahrenheit) meaning only a 5 degree Celsius (9 Fahrenheit) difference between summer and winter. Many of the larger cities in Mexico are set in the Valley of Mexico or nearby valleys at altitudes usually higher than 2,000 metres (6,562 feet), meaning they are temperate year-round with temperatures averaging from 16 to 18 degrees Celsius (60.8 to 64.4 Fahrenheit) with cool temperatures by night.

Where to go/stay

Caribbean coast


Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula’s northeast coast has come a long way in 40 years, once just a small fishing town it has evolved into one of Mexico’s most popular and biggest resorts. In the downtown area you’ll find local cantinas and markets while in the hotel zone – an island 18 kilometres long flanked by the Caribbean and a lagoon. There’s the beach that runs for the length of Cancun lined by shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, bars and nightclubs and offers various activities for Mexico holidays.

Riviera Maya

About an hour’s travel down the coast a smaller version of Cancun awaits at Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya a 30 kilometre (18.6 miles) stretch of land on the Yucatan Peninsula. In a compact resort town you’ll find the most life on Fifth Avenue where most of the town’s shops, restaurants and bars are based facing the beach. While most head directly for the beach, nearby are Mayan ruins and eco parks to visit, and the diving off the coast is world-class. Then there’s the stunning Playacar, just south of Playa del Carmen – it is a self-contained and gated resort packed with luxury all-inclusive hotels and condominiums. All that means private beaches and VIP treatment. There’s also an 18-hole golf course a shopping mall and organised diving expeditions.

Pacific coast

Neuvo Vallarta

Set in Banderas Bay – Nuevo Vallarta is located north of the bigger Puerto Vallarta. A purpose-built resort town that runs from the upmarket Marina Vallarta up the coast towards Bucerias with a list of attractions that run from A to Z and 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) of beautiful white sand overlooked by high-class hotels, villas, and a glut of chic restaurants, where you can taste many delicious meals during your holidays to Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta

It was the much-publicised affair between screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton on set at Banderas Bay thrust Puerto Vallarta into the spotlight in 1963. The attention paid off and Puerta Vallarta soon became a playground for the rich and the famous and with that it grew to become a large-scale resort featuring just about everything imaginable. The pristine beaches are lined with a wide-selection of shops, markets, bars and restaurants.

Things to do

The list of activities on Mexico holidays is literally endless, however here are some stand out activities.

Pacific coast

Head off road in a 4x4 into the Sierra Madre Mountains, Mexico is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and mountain ranges are home to more than 300 types of orchid and more than 400 species of bird. If you are really lucky you might an elusive jaguar or an armadillo during your holidays in Mexico.

Caribbean coast

Chichen Itza has been tagged as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is well worth visiting. The most impressive of the Mayan ruins bear testament to the strength of the Mayan capital between 600 and 1200AD including the vast, 365-stepped pyramid Kukulan.

Cancun and the Mayan Riviera in general are world famous for their diving. Think an underwater world teeming with millions of multi-coloured fish and best of all, sea turtles swimming in abundance. A little further off the coast is a completely unique swimming with giant whale sharks, which at 12 metres (39 feet) in length are the largest fish in the world. Best of all they are absolutely harmless – they eat only plankton.

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