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Maldives, Rufiyaa
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Why Maldives

With dazzling white-sanded beaches, swaying palms, turquoise-colored waters and plentiful snorkeling and diving opportunities, what is the not to love about the stunning Maldives?

Some 26 atolls spread out across the Indian Ocean with some 1200 jewel-like islands, each one being home to a single exclusive resort for the ultimate in solitude and seclusion.


Whether you are looking for an island getaway for the honeymoon of your dreams, an awe-inspiring diving adventure exploring the incredible coral reefs and marine life or for an all-inclusive luxury resort with spa facilities and beautiful water villas, the Maldives offer the ultimate beach escape.

Far-flung and exotic, Maldives holidays are just waiting to be discovered by you.



On holidays to Maldives your will find a hot tropical climate year-round making it a perfect destination at almost any time.

There are two monsoons, both forming part of the Hulhangu Monsoon season – the southwest takes place from May through October and the northeast occurs from November to April. Typically the southwest brings with it more rain and wind in June and July. However, the temperature seldom drops below 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit).


The months of February and March give the most sun to holiday makers from the UK or Europe who flock to the Maldives for refuge from the colder climes of winter back home.

How to Spend Your Maldives Holidays

Relaxation could be said to synonymous with Maldives holidays. Expect that you will soon lose all sense of time, what’s going on elsewhere and even perhaps what day it is. Remember, this is known as the home of “no news, no shoes”.

Savor gourmet dining as you watch beautiful sunsets over the ocean on holidays to Maldives. If the incredible views are not enough for you, the experiences and activities on offer range from every watersport you can imagine through to Robinson Crusoe-style desert island getaways.

The world found underwater here has featured in countless documentaries – and the highlight of them might perhaps be the chance to swim beside manta rays (the best months to do this being June and October). A great many of these islands are surrounded by incredible coral reefs, often teeming with fantastic marine life and very close to the shore. If an all-day diving expedition does not appeal to you, search for hotels with a house reef that is directly accessible from the beach.

In the Maldives if something is man-made and submerged underwater, the chances are pretty high it is a “world first”: there is an underwater spa, an underwater music club and an underwater restaurant, all to be found on different islands.

There is a very good reason the Maldives ranks so highly on honeymoon destination wish lists: romantic dinners by candlelight under the stars, secluded and private hideaway accommodation options and palm-lined beaches are standard here. If that is not enough to keep you happy, exclusive upgrades, transfer by seaplane, private lounges and other experiences make any honeymoon extra special.

While the Maldives might not be an obvious choice for a family vacation, these islands are a natural playground and there are a number of resorts that are family-friendly, offering kids’ clubs, family activities and family-friendly beach accommodation. Check out our range of Maldives packages.

Where to Stay

The selection of accommodation options on Maldives holidays is extraordinarily diverse – from small boutique hideaways with only a handful of rooms to much larger, all-inclusive resorts with all the facilities you would expect; as well as rustic, authentic retreats through to contemporary and chic hotels; and from simple beachfront bungalows to exclusive overwater pool villas.

All of the resorts are located on their very own separate island, meaning climbing aboard a speedboat or seaplane for your hotel transfer is far more exciting than an everyday taxi ride.

When to Go

Temperatures in the Maldives vary very little throughout the year, averaging 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) and 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit).

The peak season for tourism on holidays to the Maldives is December through to April, when the weather is hotter and drier. May through July and September through November typically have higher rainfall and more cloud, but visitors  still see plenty of sunshine between short downpours, and it is these months when you can enjoy the benefits of the greatest value offers.

How to Get to Maldives

Maldivian is the Maldives national airline. British Airways operates regular direct flights from the UK. While flights year-round are reasonably expensive for Maldives holidays, they are especially high during the Christmas period and the during the winter months.

A flight from London typically takes 10 hours, while one from New York is usually 18 hours (including a stopover).

Maldives offers two international airports but most flights are to the capital’s Malé Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

A great number of cruise ships also stop over at the Maldives as part of their cruise itinerary.

Check our website for more information about flights and flight/accommodation packages.

Planning Your Holidays to Maldives

Unless you are looking to take part in certain activities that require some time such as diving or deep sea fishing, Maldives holidays are better suited to a short break instead of a long one. Anything more than one week will be too much in our opinion. Four to five days is usually plenty if you are staying in one hotel, perhaps extending to seven if you’re staying in two hotels. Aim for a quality vacation rather than quantity when planning holidays in the Maldives.

Airport transfer could be as expensive as your flight ticket to Maldives and people often overlook this when planning their Maldives holiday. Every visitor will arrive at Male the capital of Maldives and you should check the transfer cost as most hotel rates do not include transfer.

Hotels are reached by speedboat or seaplane.

You are most likely going to be staying on an island with only your hotel and it is easy to get bored after four or five days.

Food can be expensive there is a limited choice, all three of your meals are likely to be eaten at eaten at your hotel.


The Maldives are renowned as a picture-postcard idyllic setting for a romantic getaway and a clear winner when celebrating a wedding, honeymoon or special anniversary.

Discover the romance of these incredible islands with and our Maldives holiday packages.

Here are some of our picks of where to stay on holidays to Maldives: