Kuala Lumpur holidays

Essential Information

When To Go


June – August

Getting There

387 £GBP


Stay There

14 £GBP

3-star hotel


Tourist Visa
not required

Up to 3 months

Malaysian ringgit
1.00 USD = 4.39 MYR
Airport Transport

Taxi: 13 £GBP (50 min)
Bus: 2 £GBP (75 min)
Train: 7 £GBP (30 min)
Shuttle: 2 £GBP (30 min)

Lunch ≈ 3.70 £GBP
Dinner (for two) ≈ 16 £GBP
Espresso ≈ 2.10 £GBP
Bottled water ≈ 0.35 £GBP
Health & Safety

Travel insurance is recommended
Emergency numbers:
Ambulance: 999
Police: 999

Why Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, or KL, has undergone a dramatic transformation from a jungle surrounded town into the buzzing capital of Malaysia. This is a city where old meets new and east meets west, where the architectural collection varies from the elegant colonial buildings that surround Merdeka Square to exotic temples, ornate mosques and ultra-modern Asian skyscrapers. The city boasts a skyline that is famed for hosting one of the world’s tallest buildings. However, KL offers more breathing space between its towering skyscrapers than most other Asian metropolises including some large parks.

An Asian economic powerhouse, a melting pot of cultures and religions all meet here, making the city intriguingly multicultural. On Kuala Lumpur holidays, expect a fusion of Chinese, British and Indian influences. You can see this when you take a stroll around Chinatown with its eateries, temples and bazaars, and also in Little India. In the city’s vast, comfortably air-conditioned shopping malls, the goods are of high quality and the bargains range from prescription eye glasses to high-fashion items.

When to go


KL is sheltered by the Indonesian island of Sumatra to the west and the Titiwangsa Mountains to the east giving the city a tropical rainforest climate, which is sunny and warm, with a lot of rain, especially during monsoon season which runs from October to March. So consider it when planning your holidays to Kuala Lumpur. Temperatures in KL are reasonably constant. Maximum temperatures are between 32 and 33 degrees Celsius (90 – 91 Fahrenheit), while minimum temperatures sit between 23.4 and 24.6 degrees Celsius (74.1 – 76.3 Fahrenheit).

Where to go/stay

Kuala Lumpur offers a broad range of accommodation from affordable guesthouses and mid-range hotels, to luxury. The most popular place to stay on Kuala Lumpur holidays is around Bukit Bintang, which has good public transport connection, is close to the dining hotspot of Jalan Alor and many shopping malls. It is also close to Chinatown and the Petaling Street night markets.

Travellers also stay in the Golden Triangle area, which is home to an abundance of shopping opportunities and lively nightlife.

You will also find a wide range of hotels and guesthouses for your holidays to Kuala Lumpur around the Little India area, Puduraya Bus Station, and in other parts of the city.

Things to do

The sheer variety of things to do on Kuala Lumpur holidays will satisfy every taste.

Easily the city’s number one attraction is the Petronas Twin Towers, once the tallest buildings in the world and still the tallest twin towers. For the best views, take a walk through the Skybridge that links the towers some 170 metres (558 feet) above ground level.

For a different vantage point and view go to the observation deck at the top of Menara Kuala Lumpur, AKA the KL Tower.

Back on terra firma be prepared to be impressed by the Sri Mahamariamman Hindu emple and the huge Chinese temple Thean Hou, before immersing yourself in the colonial atmosphere of Merdeka Square. Near the square you will find busy Little India and bustling Chinatown. Close by you will also find the Golden Triangle, the modern heart of KL – a business, retail and entertainment hub. Another hotspot for shopping and entertainment is Bukit Bintang.

If you are an art and history buff, be sure to visit the National Museum, Islamic Arts Museum, Wei-Ling Gallery and National Textiles Museum. Alternatively, on your holidays to Kuala Lumpur seek out the natural beauty of the KL City Centre Park or the Perdana Botanical Garden.

KL’s multicultural nature can be seen in its food. A mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian influences, in a country that eats at any time of day, it is easy to find fabulous dishes right across the city. From modest roadside stalls selling Malay curry to fine dining, the culinary scene in Kuala Lumpur has something for all tastes and budgets.