Reykjavik holidays

Essential Information

When To Go

Summer, Autumn

June – August


Getting There

119 £GBP


Stay There

93 £GBP

3-star hotel


Tourist Visa
not required

Freedom of movement

Iceland, Krona
1.00 USD = 128.53 ISK
Airport Transport

Taxi: 41 £GBP (35 min)

Bus: 5 £GBP (35 min)

Lunch ≈ 12 £GBP
Dinner (for two) ≈ 30 £GBP
Espresso ≈ 2.90 £GBP
Bottled water ≈ 1.40 £GBP
Health & Safety
Travel insurance is recommended
Emergency numbers:
Ambulance: 112
Police: 112

Why Reykjavik

The most northerly capital in the world, Reykjavik, effortlessly blends traditional Nordic culture with a contemporary and forward-thinking attitude. Here, unassuming corrugated-iron houses sit next to multi-million price tag concert halls and churches from the space age, its busy streets play host to laid-back cafes and hip cocktail lounges.

Reykjavik holidays give the opportunity to see the rest of Iceland. Head out to sea on puffin and whale-watching tours from the city’s harbour, and sign on for day-long trips across the famed Golden Circle route. The geothermal Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most famous attraction is also less than an hour’s drive away.

Head just out of the city, and you find yourself in Northern Lights territory. In the countryside around Reykjavik you have a great chance of seeing the stunning Aurora Borealis, and Northern Lights safaris travel from the town centre every night.

When to go

Temperature: Temperatures range from 0 degrees Celsius in winter to 14 degrees Celsius at the peak of summer.

Best time for holidays to Reykjavik: The long days and the midnight sun of summer make it perfect for exploring all of Reykjavik’s natural wonders. Winter represents your best chance of witnessing the Northern Lights.

With almost non-stop daylight in summer, Reykjavik is a serious contender for the title of “city that never sleeps”. Temperatures range from the average maximum of 0 degrees Celsius in January to a high of 14 degrees Celsius in August.

Where to go/stay

Visitors are often surprised and impressed how such a compact capital city has so much on offer.

Whilst the Reykjavik’s downtown area has the largest concentration of culture-based institutions, it is also home to a large number of tour operators who offering everything from diving in the waters of Silfra, to volcano. The city is surrounded by numerous natural wonders; however, if you'd prefer to discover nature within city boundaries on your Reykjavik holidays, there are many interesting places for you to explore and a wide variety of beautiful gardens and parks.

Things to do

You’ll find a wealth of activities on holidays in Reykjavik, including visits to fascinating historic, geothermal and natural sites. Friendly and often eccentric, this lively city is as well situated for beautiful glacier walks as it is partying until sun comes up.

A visit to Reykjavik in winter gives you the chance to see one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful light shows. An organised tour to see the Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis) light up the night sky is an unforgettable experience on your Reykjavik holidays.

Don’t leave Iceland without a soak in the Blue Lagoon’s steaming geothermal waters. The mineral-rich seawater of the lagoon is said to bring numerous good health benefits. Uncover one of the most relaxing things to do by seeking out the luxury health spa that almost blends seamlessly into the rugged lava-covered landscape.

The instantly fascinating glass dome of The Pearl is an essential must-see in Reykjavik. The Ingimundur Sveinsson designed building is held up by six 4 million litre hot water tanks. It’s also houses the Saga Museum, a restaurant and a geyser simulation.

Make the most of Reykjavik holidays by touring of some of Iceland’s most famous natural wonders. The landscape is strewn with active volcanoes, blueish glaciers, geysers and bubbling geothermal pools – they all make it one of the most unique countries in the world to visit.