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Why Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh holidays bring you to one of the greatest of the Red Sea’s stars. Sharm El Sheikh, positioned on the Sinai Peninsula, is Egypt’s most popular holiday resort. Sharm, as people call it, draws about 9,000 British visitors per week, people who love this destination for the kilometers of white sanded beaches and clear blue waters. Some of the best diving sites in the world are scattered off the coast, and when you drag yourself away from the beaches, there is designer shopping and energetic nightlife on offer in spades. It is little wonder this destination is still increasing in popularity.

Sharm El Sheikh claims some 60 kilometers of coast. This means most hotels have a stretch of beach, with pure-white sand and gently lapping waves. Naturally, the prime attraction here is the Red Sea, brimming with colorful and diverse marine life. This is enough to make even the most committed beach bum put on a snorkel to see what can be discovered underwater.

Smack in the center of Sharm El Sheikh, there is a large and brash strip that is home to the Hard Rock Café and Pacha, and partygoers throng here. For people who prefer their nights to be less neon-lit on holidays in Sharm el Sheikh, there’s a great collection of relaxed bars at the waterfront.

A three-hour motorway drive will get you to Cairo. The must-see sights of the city are ready and waiting – the Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum, which exhibits world-class relics like those from Tutankhamen’s tomb. After that head into the town center for colossal souks, chaotic traffic and the iconic Tahrir Square.

When to go

July in mid-summer is the hottest month Sharm El Sheikh experiences with average temperatures reaching 33 degrees Celsius (91 Fahrenheit) and the coldest month is January at 18 degrees Celsius (64 Fahrenheit). Sunshine hours peak at 13 in August. The wettest month (if you can call it that) is December with an average of 4 millimeters of rain.

Plan your holidays to Sharm el Sheikh for April or May to experience slightly cooler temperatures. In winter temperatures remain mild with an average of 23 degrees Celsius in November and an average low of 18 degrees Celsius in January and through February.

Sharm El Sheikh’s long, hot and dry summers kick off in April, with the high temperatures remaining all the way through to October. In the months of July and August there is an average of 13 sunshine hours a day, as well as the highest average temperatures of about 33 degrees Celsius, although the mercury often climbs into the high 30s.

Where to go/stay

As a resort town Sharm el Sheikh features a string of luxury resorts it is simply about choosing the one that is the best fit for you. Most hotels in Sharm el Sheikh, especially in the area of Na'ama Bay cater for package tourists. This town is a paradise for winter-sun seekers, and, it is just five-and-a-half hours’ flying from the UK. It is here where the sun burns brightly all year and rain is rare.

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Things to do

Begin your romance on Sharm El Sheikh holidays on the coast, with its miles of white sand prove perfect for soaking in the sun, or for swimming or taking part in water sports in the warm waters of the Red Sea. Diving excursions are a must do and the Red Sea is known as being one of the world’s finest diving destinations. If you are holidaying with kids, spend a day at the water park, which is home to an astonishing 44 water slides and many more swimming pools. Explore the busy souks in Sharm El Sheikh’s old town to shop for unique Bedouin souvenirs, or head out on an excursion into the desert by camelback.

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh represent some of the most sublime the Red Sea coast has to offer, with large swathes of spotless sand and white smooth pebbles arching around the clear, blue waters. Flanked by palm trees, the beaches occupy one of the most picturesque place in the country. The sands are speckled with thatched umbrellas and sun loungers and there is a wide choice of places nearby to eat. The water sports activities on offer in Sharm El Sheikh are excellent – you can learn to windsurf, parasail, or canoe in the lovely warm water on your holidays to Sharm el Sheikh.

The incredible opportunities for diving off the Red Sea coast is one of the greatest attractions in Sharm El Sheikh. The clear and calm waters cover a mesmerizing world of coral reefs, brightly colored marine life and intriguing wrecks. There is a multitude of sites to dive for all levels of ability, with the professionals getting to experience the likes of Jackson Reef and Shark Reef. There are an abundances of adventures to be had on terra firma, too, with the spectacular desert in the region inviting exploration. Zoom around on a quad bike through the dunes or take a jeep safari, otherwise go trekking on a camel and spend a night in a genuine Bedouin camp.

The old town of Sharm El Sheikh is the perfect place to experience a taste of Egyptian culture. The old market is packed with busy stalls selling silver jewelry, Bedouin handicrafts and leather goods. It is also the greatest place in Sharm El Sheikh to sample tasty Egyptian street food – for example, koshari, which is a mix of lentils, rice and tomato sauce. If you are on a family holiday, children of all ages will have great fun on a day spent at Aqua Blu Water Park. Located at a local hotel it is open to non-guests and has more than 40 thrilling water slides along with nine swimming pools. All this and more is awaiting you on Sharm El Sheikh holidays.

Planning Your Sharm el Sheikh Holidays

The easiest way to get start your holidays in Sharm el Sheikh is, of course, to fly.

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport is the largest airport in the Sinai and receives many charter tourists daily during the winter high season. Domestic flights from Cairo are offered by EgypptAir and Nile Air.

Sharm el-Sheikh is one of Arab world’s most popular tourist destinations. However there are also some good reasons to visit this town if you aren’t the typical tourist who wants to lie on the beach all day. This is one of the world’s finest diving spots and a taking a trip into the desert makes for an unforgettable adventure.

Only 50 years ago, Sharm el-Sheikh was merely a small fishing village with a population of about 100 Bedouins. When the Sinai Peninsula was occupied by Israel in 1967, Sharm el-Sheikh began to develop as a tourist destination. The Israelis left Sinai between 1979 and 1982, following a peace agreement being signed between the two countries. From that point on Egyptians continued the development and the population swelled to 10,000.


Sharm el-Sheikh, popularly known simply as "Sharm" is renowned with holidaymakers. This resort and port town at the Sinai Peninsula’s southern tip is the temporary home of 9,000 British tourists on any given day.

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