Czech Republic holidays

Essential Information

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Why Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a genuine pearl of Europe. The versatility of the country is revealed in its rich history, beautiful cities and castles, fine traditions of brewing, delicious cuisine and charming nature.

If you are a fan of the Middle Ages make sure to go on holidays in Czech Republic. Walking along the streets of the picturesque cities and small towns of the Czech land, you can get acquainted with the countless number of palaces and all the architects' masterpieces. Moreover, you have a chance to plunge into the medieval atmosphere and feel all the greatness and beauty of those times all the year round, and a large selection of tourist routes will satisfy your whims during the trip.

Other treasures that the Czech Republic will gladly share with each of its guests are chic resorts with their healing springs, clean mountain air and untouched nature.

There is something to offer for all travelers for interesting breaks to Czech Republic: the country boasts high-quality ski resorts for those who prefer winter sports and cozy beach resorts, like the resort of Lake Makhovo for those, who want to sunbathe in summer time.

When to go

The climate of the Czech Republic is moderate. In winter, light frosts occur sometimes. Snow is not enough to turn into mud on the streets of the city, but it is enough in the mountains for winter sports. Summer is quite warm.

The coldest month is January. The average minimum temperature at this time is -3- 5 degrees Celsius, the average maximum is 0+2 degrees Celsius. The warmest month is July. The average minimum temperature is + 13-15 degrees Celsius, the maximum reaches + 24-26 degrees Celsius. The least precipitation is in the period from November to March, when the number of rainy days reaches 10-11. The rainiest season is May-August.

At ski resorts snow lasts from November to April, the season usually starts in December. The air temperature depends on the altitude above sea level. In the middle part of the mountains (approximately at an altitude of 700-800 meters above sea level) the temperature is -2-10 degrees Celsius in the winter months. The height of snow during this period is on average 1-3 meters.

The best time to travel to Prague or to go on the Czech Republic holidays to a health resort is difficult to determine, and there is no need to: they are good at any time of the year.

Where to go/stay

Tours to Czech Republic are conventionally divided into city tours, balneal tours and ski tours.

Fans of ancient architecture and walking excursions to castles, museums and other interesting places will appreciate Czech cities. The most popular of them, of course, is the capital - Prague with its medieval castles, bridges and streets. But Brno, Ostrava, Plzen and others are no less interesting. Each of them has its own architectural monuments and even small local breweries.

A special attention should be paid to the South Bohemia region on holidays to Czech Republic. It is not only a land of beautiful nature, dense forests, meadows and lakes, but also numerous medieval castles. The most famous of them is Cesky Krumlov, as well as the village of Golyashovice, where you can see rare examples of wooden architecture.

Czech health resorts are concentrated in the west of the country. These are famous Karlovy Vary, Frantiskovy Lazne, Mariánské Lázně, and Kynžvart. The largest number of mineral springs with the most diverse chemical composition is running here. The spectrum of curable diseases here is quite wide, so the spa resorts of the Czech Republic are popular outside the country.

The highest mountains in the Czech Republic are located in the Crocone, almost on the border with Poland. The highest point is Snezka Mountain, its height is 1062 meters. The Czech ski resorts - Spindleruv Mlyn, Vitkovice, Harrachov and Rokitnitsi nad izeroy are located here.

Things to do

The Czech Republic is a compact country, but in terms of the number of attractions per square meter it is ahead of many others. Many medieval castles, beautiful cathedrals, as well as museums, national parks and other interesting places were preserved on its territory.

During its history the Czech land always caused the interest of its neighbors and was often attacked. Therefore, the construction of castles and fortresses was a harsh necessity. Many of them soon became the residences of the rulers and survived till today almost in their original form, but many were destroyed.

Castles were built throughout the country, and the largest concentration of them is to be found in the central region and in the vicinity of Prague in particular. Prague Castle, Cesky-Sternberk, Karlstejn, Konopishte, Krivoklat are certainly worth visiting on Czech Republic holidays.

Dobris Palace in the city of Kutna Hora is perfectly preserved till today, including the interior decoration of the halls, as well as the castle of Brzeznice with its ancient library and armory. In the castle Melnik, which belonged to the famous family Lobkowicz, you can visit the wine cellar and take part in drink’s degustation.

The Duchcov Castle in Baroque style is located in the north of the Czech Republic. Famous Giacomo Casanova is known to have spent his last days here.

Most of the museums in the Czech Republic are situated in Prague. The oldest one is the National Museum of the Czech Republic. It retells the history of the formation of the Czech state, and there are many archaeological findings, including ancient manuscripts, in its halls.

Curious exhibits can be found at the National Technical Museum in Prague. The exposition narrates about the development of high technologies in the world from old bicycles to modern photo and video equipment.

In the city of Mlada Boleslav there is a museum called "Skoda", where you can learn a lot of interesting information about the history of this automobile plant, including the samples of the first cars produced in the Czech Republic. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Prague and the Art Gallery in Karlovy Vary are also worth attention.

The Czech Republic is a land of a very beautiful nature, so eco-tourism and agro tourism have been developing here in recent years. Eastern Bohemia is usually chosen as a top destination for eco holidays in Czech Republic. Here you can not only spend time hiking in the fresh air, but also live on farms, helping farmers and looking after the cattle. South Moravia is another region, which is famous not only for its wines, but also for its folklore: unusual ornaments on houses, lively local music, songs and dances. Dwellers of many villages there still wear national costumes.

As for the Czech night life, it is mostly concentrated in Prague. The best bars and clubs are located around Wenceslas Square, discos open approximately at 10 pm, but locals start to party no earlier than 12am.


As a rule, hotels in the Czech Republic correspond to the declared star rate and in comparison with other European lands the level of service and comfort here is quite high, and prices are often below average.

Here you can find both hotels of famous world chains (Marriott, Hilton, Renaissance, Ibis, etc.), and private properties. Usually guests are offered a Swedish-style breakfast at a hotel. At the local spa resorts you will be offered treatments and wellness procedures, and in cities some hotels offer organized walking excursions.

Most of the hotels in the Czech Republic are located in the city centers, in the immediate vicinity of the sights. Many venues are located in ancient buildings with their own history; some owners hang the memorial plaques with the names of the distinguished guests. Staying at such a hotel will definitely add a special flavor to your Czech Republic holidays experience, but keep in mind that the rooms in the old houses are quite small.

The night in a 5-star hotel in Prague will cost from 3200 CZK per night for a double room, 4-star hotel - from 1300 CZK, a budget 3-star property will cost from 650 CZK, and a night in a hostel - from 270 CZK per person per night. Keep up-to-date with the prices for Prague hotels with – online booking service that offers best deals for hotels and holiday packages.