Chile holidays

Essential Information

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Why Chile

Here is an incomplete list of activities for tourists who decided to favor Chile holidays: skiing in summer, discovering the mysteries of Easter Island all year round, enjoying Chilean wine and incredible views of the country. Moreover, Chile offers its guests excellent opportunities for trekking and mountaineering, while ski resorts with modern hotels and high-quality service make Chile ahead of the whole of Latin America. Also in Chile you can ski from June to October, when in Europe it's off-season.

The only drawback, which extends to the whole continent and is able to partially overshadow the pleasure of the trip, is a long flight. But there is also a pleasant bonus: if you get here you can explore both Patagonia and the Easter Island, pamper yourself on the Iquique beaches and enjoy the views of the mirror-like surface of the Seven Lakes of Chile.

When to go

Chile stretches from north to south almost along the entire continent of Latin America. So the climate here is extremely diverse for all the activities that you can try on your holidays to Chile. In the north, the tropical desert type prevails, and the average monthly temperatures range from +12 degrees Celsius (May-August) to +26 degrees Celsius (December-March).

In the south the climate changes to subtropical, so summer temperature reaches +22 ... +24 degrees Celsius, and in winter it is not less than +12 ... + 18 degrees Celsius. The same is the weather on the islands of Easter and Juan Fernandez.

The middle part of the country is dominated by a temperate oceanic climate. The temperature here ranges from +3 ... + 12 degrees Celsius in winter to +22 degrees Celsius in summer. In the highlands of the country it is much colder: here the temperature does not exceed +3 degrees Celsius in summer, and in winter it can drop to -27 degrees Celsius.

In the area of ​​the Strait of Magellan and on the island of Tierra del Fuego, the climate is polar; the temperature ranges from -16 to -4 degrees Celsius in winter, and does not exceed +18 degrees Celsius in summer.

Where to go/stay

The most popular sights of Chile are Lake Chungara, Patagonia, Parinacota Volcano, El-Tatio geysers, Lake Miscanti, archaeological monuments of Copacillia and Sapaouira, and the mysterious Easter Island.

The oases of the famous Atacama Desert retain the memory of the ancient civilizations of Chinchorro and Aymara. The ancient city of San Pedro de Atacama, the port city of Antofagasta, the nearby Lunar Valley with its fantastic landscapes, the capital of the Iquique region with its famous beaches, numerous villas of the 19th century and the local theater are also worth visiting on your Chile holidays. No less interesting are the Volcán Isluga National Park, the Bahia-Ingles rock massifs, the town of Kalama in the center of the desert and the abandoned mining town of Humberstone.

Chiloé Island in the center of the eponymous archipelago attracts travelers with picturesque fishing villages and wooden churches listed in the UNESCO List.

Puerto Montt is one of the most interesting cities in Chile, to the north of which you can see the picturesque region of the Seven Lakes. The most popular are the lakes Rinko, Villarrica and Llankiue. Near the shore of Lake Neltume you can hear the roar of the highest waterfall in Chile Uilo-Uilo.

Things to do

While planning your holidays to Chile it is important to realize it won’t be a budget trip, but you won’t be able to complain about quality. The minimum prices for accommodation and food are quite high (they are probably only higher in Brazil), but everything will be neat, comfortable and tasty.

There is no railway communication within the country, so it is better either to rent a car or to travel by bus. A three-hour trip will cost around $ 18-20, which is two to three times more expensive than in neighboring countries, but the buses are very comfortable and ride fast.

In the south of the country you can take a ferry and admire the fjords, penguins living there and learn a lot of new facts about Chile. By the way, this is the most convenient way to get to the pearl of Chilean national park if you are considering Patagonia holidays as well.

Chile can boast the lowest crime rate of all the countries of Latin America. The only problem you might face in big cities is a theft or fraud. But if you are staying in a dense village in the heart of the country you can feel safe about your possessing, while local dwellers wouldn’t even think of a robbery.

If you drink alcohol or smoke directly on the street in Chile, the people’s opinion about you can change drastically in a moment. It is considered as a bad taste and is forbidden in many cities, so you might be fined for violation.

Remember that Chileans do not work on Sundays and holidays. Therefore, if you need to change the currency, buy a ticket for a plane etc., it is better to do it in advance.


When you arrive on holidays in Chile during the peak seasons, which are from December, 15 till the end of February, during the Easter week and from mid-July till early August, it might become a challenge to find a proper accommodation. Moreover, prices are much higher in this period of time. Meanwhile, low seasons can spoil travelers with the discounts up to 50%.

Santiago as the capital of Chile is also the largest city in the country, the place where the best hotels are concentrated. Here you can find the hotels of the leading international chains: Kempinski, Ritz, Hyatt, InterContinental and Sheraton. Most of them are operating on an all-inclusive system.

Popular tourist destinations that require decent hotel infrastructure are the large ski resorts of Chile: Portillo, Valle Nevade and Termas de Chillan. There are mainly small cabañas or hostería guest houses located here. The Easter Island is an open national park and a popular tourist area: there are also several 3-, 4-star hotels available in this destination.

Some of the most unusual hotels in the world are also to be found in Chile. For instance, San Alfonso del Mar is famous for its swimming pool - the largest in the world. It is located in the city of Algarrobo, and the length of the unique pool is more than 1 kilometer.

If you are interested in other unique properties of Chile or look for accommodation for your Chile holidays in advance, make sure to check the hotels on, where you can also find tickets and package deals for your next vacation.