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Why Caribbean


The Caribbean we love is a world in its own right. The Caribbean is a conglomerate of approximately 7000 islands popular for their beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage and friendly people. Each of the islands in the Caribbean offer a degree of contrast and each island is inviting with its own unique and personal charm. Everything you want in an island adventure can be found on Caribbean holidays.

Tourists flock to the Caribbean interested in discovering the wonders under the sea, to participate in many cultural activities, to sample the local food and drinks, hike their terrain, for marriages with family and friends, to relax on a beach and party at resorts, it’s all here in the Caribbean and there thousands of experiences that make a visit to the of the islands worthwhile. From Aruba to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica to Cuba and Barbados to St Lucia – all offer different experiences and reasons to visit the Caribbean and all offer hidden gems that make each unique in their own right.

Millions of Tourists visit the Caribbean islands for holidays during their carnival festivities, for beautiful sun baking the beach sands and warm blue waters flanked by beautiful landscapes, along with rich Caribbean cuisine and invigorating rum-based cocktails to enjoy. They make an impression, and many tourists make large orders for Rum chocolates - liquor filled chocolates.

Yet, that is not all that is on offer in this diverse corner of the globe. Discover more about what the Caribbean has to offer, from tropical hiking trails, a wealth of cultural heritage, history in the form of architecture, museums and galleries, wildlife, the islands’ rocking nightlife…the sky is the limit.  You will love to make the Caribbean your next holiday destination.




With low and high temperatures in the 20s to 30s degrees Celsius (70s, 80s and 90s Fahrenheit), the Caribbean climate is perfect year-round, particularly great for relaxing on a sun lounger with the ocean breeze sweeping over you. The best time for Caribbean holidays is between December and April for great climate, where you can experience genuine peace while tanning and relaxing in the unending ocean blue.

Anytime, simply take time off work for holidays to Caribbean or when the kids are on a school break.  A lot of visitors converge on the islands of the Caribbean in December for Christmas and New Year. The Caribbean is a great destination year-round, however the summer months of July and August are the busy season.

Summer is Caribbean is also hurricane season, and the risk is worst in August and September, many hotels, restaurants and shops close for the month. You can enjoy a dramatically discounts as opposed to summertime prices by visiting the islands during the lengthy low season, from mid-April to mid-December. Prices of hotels can fall by 50% or more, package deals can be common and popular port towns can be far less crowded this time of year.

Check out’s deals to work out when is the best time to go for you.

How to Spend Your Caribbean Holidays

Visit a lovers’ paradise on Seven Mile Beach, Georgetown, in Grand Cayman on holidays to Caribbean. Enjoy smoked mackerel taco at La Guarida, in Havana, Cuba. Celebrities including RocNation Records founder and rapper Jay Z visits there a lot. Yes we are talking about Beyonce’s husband. Go scuba diving and catamaran sailing in Aruba. Dance the night away with a live music at the Blues Bar in Aruba. Catch the biggest thrills at Aruba Nautical Yacht Club. World-class game-fishing is available on Andros, in the Bahamas. Antigua’s famed condiment Susie’s – a hot sauce made with local peppercorns - will add some fire to the local flavors. Listen to live jazz music while you eat some delicious Caribbean spiny lobster at Lobster Alive in Barbados. Discover the splendor of the Norman Island Caves in the British Virgin Islands. Taste a flying fish pie at Cuz’s Fish Shack on the island of Barbados.

Hang out with the locals on holidays to Caribbean and enjoy a drink at Lovey Welcome Bar, Cane Sugar Garden Bay, on the island of Tortola.

Listen to reggae at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. Tour the sculptures with dive gear at the Underwater Sculpture Park in the blue/green Grenada waters.

Chocolate lovers and art lovers unite! Casa Cortes is an art gallery and chocolate restaurant serving items like chocolate-dipped shrimp and more. Unique and tasty! And located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens of Trinidad and Tobago for lush, island beauty.

Shoal Bay in Anguilla is the world’s best beach. Dance and celebrate with Carnival, the month-long festival on Curacao. Drink pomegranate lemonade and enjoy spinach and plantain-stuffed chicken in a restaurant called Bamboushay on Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. Don’t miss Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville on Grand Cayman.

Enjoy a massage surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites in an underground spa. Natural Spa is set in a cave in Bermuda offers the ultimate in luxury spas. Visit the National Museum of Beautiful Arts of Cuba. See the breathtaking stained glass pictures. Enjoy the sculptures of giant lions, or simple revel in the beauty of the colonial style building.

Holidays in the Caribbean are like being in a tropical desert spring. It is where visitors unwind and leave the worries of their everyday lives behind. Situated in a zone of warm Atlantic waters only east of Central America, the Caribbean is comprised of thousands of islands possessed by a modest bunch of island countries with their own individual identity.

One thing in the Caribbean that is often overlooked is the tropical jungle interior of many of its islands. Dominica is one of the more-or-less hidden treasures. Loaded with fantastic hiking trails, nature lovers will fall in love with the island of Dominica. The Waitukubuli National Trail is the most recent course to be opened on Dominica and cuts up the island from north to south, going through volcanic pinnacles and bubbling lakes. The trail is made out of a few distinct segments, a hefty portion of which can be handled by easygoing explorers and novices. More experienced hikers can take on the whole trail, which takes around two weeks to finish. Diving is another of Dominica's prevalent attractions. Not exclusively do the waters encompassing the island highlight bright ocean life in the shape of ocean turtles and seahorses, there are also dynamic submerged volcanoes which frame bubbles that ascent to the surface.

Over the Caribbean Islands there are obviously innumerable surprise beaches appropriate for sunbathing, unwinding and the entire range of water sport you can envision. Be that as it may, it merits investigating what each significant island brings to the table as you'll frequently locate an amazing cluster of exercises and attractions inland.

Where to Stay

You are spoiled for choice to find right island, the perfect hotel or apartment on Caribbean holidays. Be it a holiday apartment for your next Caribbean vacation, or a luxurious resort with ocean views, and a destination that offers not only the tropical bliss of palm trees and rum but a lively cultural scene at the swim bar.

Nice hotels reveal an appreciation for the now classically St Lucian penchant for open-air suites with unimpeded views over the iconic view of mountains and water and the dramatic properties at the far northern tip of the island whose architecture is all about framing the beauty of the ocean. Stylish hotels blend a luxurious mix of colonial and contemporary styles in Nassau.

A few low key island resorts rank highly, including one only a two hour flight from New York and another on the tiny West Indies isle of Nevis. In case you needed any excuse for planning a winter tropical getaway our range of accommodation will inspire you to daydream and maybe even book that hotel reservation for your holidays to the Caribbean.

How to Get to the Caribbean

The key here for your Caribbean holidays is to select your destination first.

However, choose your island wisely. The cost of flights are one of the key expenses in any Caribbean trip, and some islands are easier – and much cheaper – to fly to than others. To find the lowest fares from the US, look for those destinations served by low-cost carriers such as Spirit (Aruba and San Juan) and JetBlue (Montego Bay, Nassau, Barbados). Bear in mind more competition tends to lower fares; you will pay less to fly to Jamaica for example, which is served by dozens of airlines, than you will to an island like Dominica, which has only a few connecting flights on American and JetBlue.

Planning Your Holiday to Caribbean

First select your destination: There are many popular Caribbean destinations. These are some of the most popular possibilities: Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Cancun, Mexico - Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Guadeloupe, St Vincent, Tobago, US Virgin Islands - St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, St Lucia, St Kitts, and Turks and Caicos.

Then consider the following:

Airfares are one of the main expenses of a Caribbean holiday (see above) and are a factor in finding cheap Caribbean holidays.

Check out the cost of living.

Evaluate the exchange rate.

Search for package deals for holidays to the Caribbean.

Look for additional freebies.

Choose the best time of year for your requirements for holidays to Caribbean.


Although fine powdery white beaches beside turquoise oceans all presided over by gently swaying palm trees remain a typical scene all over the Caribbean, the region boasts huge cultural diversity over its various island nations. Great Britain, France, Spain, and the Netherlands all left their footprints as colonists; however the Caribbean likewise possesses cultures on its own. You'll see it in the patois dialects, spicy and tangy foods, and vigorous rhythms of its different melodic styles. The islands exchange bustling with sleepy, with a short boat ride often separating these two distinct atmospheres.  While numerous guests spend their Caribbean excursion at a comprehensive resort, there is much on offer in the region to autonomous explorers. The scuba diving and angling are world-class, hilly national parks serve up challenging hikes rewarded by ocean perspectives, and little frontier towns welcome those searching for a break from sand and ocean. Yet, in the event that it's postcard-commendable beaches you’re after, it's difficult to go wrong with almost any destination you choose.

Find the right part of the Caribbean for you with on Caribbean holidays.