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Why Bermuda


Famous beaches, sunshine year-round and an ingrained British culture all make for a unique Caribbean island holiday.

On Bermuda holidays discover exclusive resorts, the charismatic seaside capital of Hamilton with its pastel-colored houses and seafood restaurant packed harbor front – Bermuda is a perfect choice of holiday destination for those looking for seemingly endless sunshine and a laid-back atmosphere.

The crescent-shaped country of Bermuda is a wealth of natural beauty, historic sights and culture that consists of 181 islands, islets and rocky outcrops. Laze away the days on pink-hued sands – especially on the much-loved horseshoe bay, snorkel and dive, play a round of golf at a wide variety of championship-class golf courses or explore St George’s - a UNESCO heritage site.

Bermuda is host to an abundance of aquatic life – dive to coral reefs and shipwrecks or go on a fishing expedition for Bluefin Tuna or snare marlin.




For holidays to Bermuda the country is situated in the Subtropics and possesses a humid subtropical climate. The country experiences hot, humid summers with most rain falling in isolated showers or thunderstorms. Occasional tropical cyclones and tropical waves also play a factor in summertime rainfall totals when they leave the tropics. Winters are typically mild and temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit). The highest temperatures recorded in Bermuda come close to 34 degrees Celsius (93 Fahrenheit) and high humidity levels can result in what can be considered a dangerous heat index, particularly for active activity in the sun.

How to Spend Your Bermuda Holidays

On Bermuda holidays you will find British-style bobbies, as police officers are known there, walk the beat, the British tradition of afternoon tea is an institution nationwide and the locals’ love for cricket almost surpasses that of the “motherland”. However, there’s something distinctly un-British about Bermuda and that is the weather – a near idyllic climate with almost year-round sunshine.

Bermuda bears the name of the Spanish sea captain who first sighted the islands in the early 16th century and they have a rich and important history, which, in part, is believed to be the inspiration behind Shakespeare’s sea-going romance – The Tempest. Later, in 1609 Sir George Somers and his crew aboard the English sailing ship, Sea Venture, were sailing for Jamestown, Virginia when a storm bore down leaving them ship-wrecked off Bermuda’s coast of Bermuda. They survived and would go on to form Britain’s second colony in the Americas after Virginia itself.

On holidays to Bermuda you will find the contemporary country is a unique blend of culture, home to a diverse mix of British, Irish, Portuguese, North American Indian and African descendants. Tourists from the world over are greeted with typical British politeness, ‘good morning’ and ‘good afternoon’ will take you a long way here – this is mixed with a hard to resist island charm.

The colorful, cozy capital of Hamilton is always welcoming. The city was founded in the late 18th century and overlooks the busy Hamilton Harbor. It has been a trade and shipping hub since the early 1800s and is a stopover port for a numerous North Atlantic cruises. The lively Front Street is the perfect place to sample a Dark ‘n Stormy – the national drink of Bermuda, and the narrow streets leading off it are worth getting lost in. The beautifully landscaped, cannon-dotted gardens surrounding Hamilton Fort offer great views overlooking the city and the harbor as well as the chance to explore the historic ramparts and fortifications of the fort itself.

The centuries of history fills the air in Bermuda’s first settlement St George’s. Until 1815 it served as the nation’s capital and is located at the northeastern tip of the island. Buildings from the 17th century stand virtually unchanged from the colonial days which began when the Sea Venture was shipwrecked just offshore. The town is now UNESCO World Heritage Site making it and its fortifications a living museum. To take a wander around the narrow lanes you can be forgiven for thinking you gone back in time.

Bermuda is host to multiple natural beauty spots along its shoreline and inland but the beauty is not only found above ground. The underground and cavernous Hamilton Parish is home to dramatic stalagmites and stalactites as well as crystal clear pools. All of this can be discovered on Bermuda vacations.

When to Go

A year-round destination for Bermuda holidays, Bermuda enjoys a sub-tropical climate from May through to mid-October is when the island experiences the hottest temperatures and it is relatively dry. High humidity occurs from July through October.

The island experiences mild conditions during early spring, early autumn and winter. June through November is hurricane season throughout the Caribbean Sea and the Northern Atlantic.

How to Get to Bermuda

Due to Bermuda’s geographical location, getting there is easy by air or sea. In short time you can be enjoying your holidays in Bermuda.

Daily direct flights to Bermuda operate from the US, Canada and the UK. Some of them are daily year-round, others can be bi-weekly or seasonal (typically May to October).

The following airlines provide a non-stop service to Bermuda.

From Canada: Air Canada, WestJet Airlines.

From the US: American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, United Airlines.

From the UK: British Airways.

Arriving by sea usually means taking a cruise and the following operators stop in Bermuda: Celebrity Cruises – “Summit”, Norwegian Cruise Line – “Norwegian Breakaway” and Royal Caribbean – “Explorer of the Seas” and “Grandeur of the Seas”.

Planning Your Holiday to Bermuda

Be prepared for your Bermuda holidays to cost, Bermuda is a land of the rich and famous, bankers, and tax-dodging corporations and cannot really be enjoyed on a limited budget. Bermuda is not known as a cheap destination.

A budget of about US$175 a day for Bermuda vacations is realistic and there are two reasons for this:

Firstly, accommodation is quite expensive for holidays to Bermuda. The cheapest accommodation begins at about $100 a night for apartments.

Secondly, transportation. The bus network, while cheap, runs infrequent, and many of the routes stop working at 7pm. Taxis are expensive, even a short 10-minute journey can cost US$20 USD.


For a small island 1046 kilometers (650 miles) from the North American coast, there is a wealth of activities on offer to visitors. From golf courses that are world-class to amazing dive sites, Bermuda represents an island playground that is much more than a beach escape – but the beaches themselves can be reason enough to visit. can help you get there and soon you can be unwinding on one of Bermuda’s famed pink-sanded beaches sipping on a Dark ‘n Stormy on Bermuda vacations.

Bermuda offers wide and varied range of accommodation suitable for any type of Bermuda holidays. The choice is seemingly endless and includes;

Apartments – for those wanting to have ‘home away from home’ holiday feel.

Cottages – Uniquely Bermudian, Cottage Colonies offer a wide variety of amenities.

Flotels – set sail and enjoy Bermuda from the sea.

Meanwhile typical guest houses and hotels are spread throughout the island placing many of Bermuda’s top sights and attractions within easy reach.

Inns or Beds and Breakfasts – the Britishness is back in full force with this type of accommodation, they usually offer scenic views of the ocean and are centrally located, many with self-service amenities.

Resorts – everything you would expect is on tap here from world-class spas to fine dining.

Small hotels form the backbone of Bermuda’s hospitality industry and each one of them has their own personality.

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