Belgium holidays

Essential Information

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Why Belgium

Why choose Belgium? Because it offers several excellent reasons for your trip. Belgium is one of Europe's best-kept ensembles: its medieval cities, its gothic cathedrals and its carefully preserved prefectures, as well as the beautiful castles and the chiming of bell towers, will keep you busy during the day on Belgium holidays. In the evening, you can enjoy yourself in the specialist taverns: there are more than 350 kinds of delicious beers. Just choose and enjoy! The reputation of Belgian gastronomy makes the French green with envy, and it is almost impossible to find chocolates that are as good as those produced here.

Belgium has played a prominent role in history, not only because of its commercial and cultural activity but also because it has hosted important and decisive meetings in Western Europe. Influences of the Austrians, Spaniards, French and Dutch remain in the architecture and lifestyle of its people. Today, Brussels is one of the great metropolises of the world, due to its richness thanks to international trade and, mainly, to being the headquarters of the European Union.


Folklore is an important part of Belgium's life. Carnivals, festivals, parades, plays and religious processions take place throughout the year. Almost all the celebrations serve as a pretext for a parade where one or two giant puppets, typical of Belgian folklore, usually appear.


When to go

The climate of Belgium is characterized by the Atlantic, i.e., a temperate climate, but with high variability because of the ocean winds. However, the climate in Belgium is characterized by some variations from winter to summer and very rainy.

The central zone is characterized by abundant rainfall and significant temperature changes since the central climate of Belgium is purely continental. That causes the winters to be icy with temperatures often below freezing and the summer warmer (but not too hot). The region of the Ardennes is probably the coldest in Belgium as it is the only one situated high up and far from the sea. In this region, snow is frequent in winter and frost is constant.

The best time to go to on holidays in Belgium is from May to September. Winter is cold, and there are no winter sports in the country.

Where to go/stay

Belgium is right in the middle of three big cities that everyone dreams of getting to know: London, Paris, and Amsterdam. So it turns out to be a good choice and can easily be included in any itinerary. It is easy to get to know Belgium well, as the distances between the central cities are minimal, maximum one hour by train. Belgium offers the full menu of accommodation options.

Things to do

It may not be the first European country you think of when deciding to plan holidays in Europe, but there are many reasons why Belgium holidays are a great reason to travel. This small country, located in the geographical (borders France, Luxembourg, Holland and Germany) and political center of Europe, is a great country to escape to.

Whoever plans to visit Belgium always puts the famous Brussels, Antwerp and the fantastic Bruges on the list. But the country has other beautiful places to see. The cities of Ghent, Dinant, Leuven, Durbuy and the Castles of Namur are some of the other areas of the country that come from a medieval tale. Spending the night in these places is a journey back in time, with a super romantic atmosphere.

You’re going to drink the best beers in the world. There are over 800 Belgian brands to sample. A paradise for those who are a beer fan. The Belgians are very proud of their beer. Each town has its local beer and is served in all bars in the city. This small country has over 100 breweries producing about 450 different beers. Most are local beers, specialties from a region, city, village or village. Belgian beer is generally stronger. Passing 10% alcohol. Double or triple fermenting beers are also very popular among Belgians, but their alcohol content is very high.

Inside the abbey beers are Trappist beers, known as craft beers produced by the monks of a small number of abbeys of the Order of Cister. In Belgium, there are six Trappist beers: Chimay, Westmalle, Orval, Rochefort, Westvleteren and Achel. Westvleteren is considered the best beer in the world. Unfortunately, the production is very limited and can only be purchased directly at the Abbey. White beers are my favorites and usually, comes with a slice of lemon. The most famous ones are the Hoegaarden and Tarwebier Brugge.

The Flemish Renaissance was an imperative artistic movement for the history of art and several artists who today are considered great masters were born in Belgium. Jan van Eyck, the incredible Hieronymus Bosch, and Rubens were some of the names of the time, and so the Belgian museums have fascinating works. Do not miss the St Bavo Cathedral (Sint-Baafskathedraal) in Ghent. The famous mural "The Ghent Hall" by Jan van Eyck is there. But Belgian creativity did not stop in the 16th century. The country also has its important modern-day artist, René Magritte. The museum dedicated to him in Brussels is a must see on holidays to Belgium.

But if your move is comic, you have to go to Brussels already! The city is full of Tintin murals, as well as the Hergé museum. HQ stores are many, and the country is the largest comic book producer in the world. Per capita, of course.

Belgium is famous all over the world for its chocolates. There are shops dedicated to this wonder in every corner. If you are in Bruges, then it will be an enchantment, because one store is more beautiful than the other. Real dollhouses. You will find a variety of brands and prices. The big difference in price is in the taste and if the chocolate is handmade or industrial. From the first, undoubtedly the most prestigious Pierre Marcolini and industrialist include Godiva, Nehuaus, Galler and Leônidas (the cheapest).

Planning Your Belgium Holidays

You will have to take a flight to Frankfurt, London, and Paris by TAM or companies from some European countries and look for the best connection to Brussels. In the case of Paris, for example, the connection may be rail. In any case, we recommend you do your research.

Visiting Belgium is a cinch for anyone in Europe. In addition to regular flights to various European capitals, the country's cities are super well connected with trains. In addition to the Eurostar leaving from London or Paris, it is possible to arrive by other lines, via Holland or Germany. Also, the country is quite small: in two hours, you can drive across Belgium from north to south.


It is impossible for you to get to various cities in Belgium and not to think that they came straight out of a fairytale. Small towns with incredible architecture, some not to be missed nor the castle, narrow streets and lots of charm. Do not miss Dinant, Antwerp, Lovania, Mechelen, Tournai, and they are some of the most beautiful cities in Belgium.

Hallerbos (Flemish) or Bois de Halle (French) is a forest with beautiful blue hyacinth flowers, south of Brussels. It is a super popular spot for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Every spring, for a few weeks, the forest makes a magical transformation, turning into a beautiful rug. Millions of tiny flowers bloom under the shade of trees and many people go there to enjoy the beautiful forest.

With its well-preserved historic center, romantic buildings and navigable canal, there are few places in Europe as beautiful and romantic as Bruges (also called Brugge). The many chocolate shops and the excellent restaurants serving the traditional mussels and fries, a boat ride along the canals, stopping to enjoy a good beer in the gorgeous cafes of Grand Place on holidays in Belgium, hear how the Cathedral bells and thrill and last but not least fill your eyes with the breathtaking scenery around every corner.


Quite industrialized and developed, Belgium is a small country squeezed between France and the Netherlands. Despite its small territorial extension, Belgium has two national languages, French and Flemish, each language spoken by approximately half the population. Flemish, for those who do not know, is nothing more than the Dutch with a different pronunciation. In a rich country with almost no social problems, the Belgians, although they are a cheerful and peaceful people, fight to decide in which language a signpost must be written.

Belgium's major tourist attractions are its beautiful towns, many of which look rather medieval, from large urban centers with squares, churches and charming buildings, such as Brussels and Antwerp, to rural villages such as those in the Walloon region.

On Belgium holidays everywhere you will see kiosks that sell French fries: the Belgian favor eating seafood with French fries (a national obsession) and have great beers (another obsession). It is also worth remembering that anyone who enjoys seafood, beer, cheese, and chocolate will find paradise in Belgium!

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