Sydney holidays

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Why Sydney


Bright cosmopolitan Sydney is like a huge patchwork. Gourmets and surfers, hedonists and backpackers will find a beach town, a jungle of skyscrapers or the financial capital of the country on their Sydney holidays depending on their interests.

The largest city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales is located on the hills of the rugged coast of the Tasman Sea. If the coast line of its bays, harbors and islands is stretched in length it will make 340 km.

As the center of the East Coast, Sydney is tightly connected with water. The canonical views over the city open from the deck of every barge, but the best one is offered from the Harbor Bridge, floating above the bay. The urban buildings of Greater Sydney are surrounded by a green ring of national parks. Several sections of the Sydney Harbor also have a status of the National Park and are protected as land and sea landscapes.

Today's population of Sydney includes more than 200 nationalities and bearers of different cultures. That is why you can immediately feel at home on a holiday in Sydney. Sydney gives joyful emotions and self-confidence, perhaps this is the reason that the most talented and the richest people strive here. Walking along the streets of the city you can easily meet a celebrity and even feel one of them.


When to go


The seasons in Sydney, like in all of Australia, are directly opposite to the European ones: summer is in winter, although even in winter it is not cold at all and the sun is shining all the time.

Sydney is dominated by a subtropical warm climate with a lot of sunny days. The average annual temperature fluctuates at around +18-26 degrees Celsius. The warmest month is January (+26.8 degrees Celsius), and the coldest month is July (+17.2 degrees Celsius). The average temperature of water in the ocean in summer is +22.6 degrees Celsius, in winter +18 degrees Celsius.

You can plan your holidays to Sydney any time, since even in winter (June-August) it is not cold at all here. There are many sunny days, it is a little windy, and the water temperature is not really suitable for swimming. However, it is great time to explore the natural beauty of Sydney.


Where to go/stay


Sydney was founded in 1788 and its very first citizens were convicts. Two centuries later the city became a huge metropolis with about 20% of the population of all Australia. The main symbol of the city and a real masterpiece of modern architecture is the Sydney Opera House. At the first glance, an ultramodern huge building can remind of a not fully peeled futuristic orange. Every tourist seeks to enter this theater, regardless of the love to opera singing.

The famous Harbor Bridge, which connects the shores of Sydney Bay, is also breathtaking. After the Sydney Opera House was opened, locals were calling the Bridge that hung over the Bay, "a clothes hanger" for its peculiar form.

The Royal Botanical Garden is also worth visiting on Sydney holidays. Almost all its plants, like most of the city's residents, are immigrants and are doing well on the friendly and hospitable land of Australia. And you can observe the rich underwater world of the Australian coast in the equally famous Sydney Aquarium. It is worth paying attention to the Rocks city quarter, which was originally the site of the very first settlements of Europeans in Australia. There are many restored and reconstructed houses of that era, as well as "Lord Nelson" pub, which is the oldest in the country.

The Sydney Bondi Beach, where the footage of many famous films was shot, is famous throughout the world. Every year there is a windsurfing festival, during which the water rescue service arranges an exciting show.

In 40 km from Sydney there is a reserve with wild animals living in the natural environment. Tourists can safely feed a giraffe or a kangaroo, as well as take pictures with a koala, the famous symbol of Australia. And if you go further, you can visit the Blue Mountains National Park. The oldest forests have been preserved in this natural oasis, while the age of the local trees reaches 2000 years. The name of the park was derived from the color of the haze, formed over the magnificent eucalyptus forests, which are visited by more than three million tourists, who come on Sydney holidays every year.


Things to do


Sydney is famous for its bright and vibrant nightlife. Some fans of night entertainment do not even go to bed after a sleepless night. The most famous and fashionable place in the city is the luxury Black Market Night Club. Lovers of jazz prefer Real Al Cafe and Harborside Brasserie. In fact, the most popular place for the fans of nightlife is the City area with an unlimited number of nightlife venues and bars. Also Kings Cross is famous in the area, although it does not have the best reputation, but it gives it a peculiar twist.

The city attracts a large number of fans of beach and outdoor activities to come on holidays to Sydney. The most popular beaches are Googee, Bronte, Callory and Palm Beach. The perfect conditions for recreation and water sports are created here. Climbing the giant Sydney Bridge can become a challenge for mountaineers in Sydney.

In addition, there are various cultural and sporting events in Sydney all the year round - different festivals, gastronomic competitions, yacht races and many other interesting entertainments. The main cultural events of the city are the Sydney Festival, which includes opera and theater productions, and the Sydney Film Festival. Also the city holds one of the hugest festivals of sexual minorities - Mardi Grass.

There are seven tips for those, who want to spend a perfect holiday in Sydney and not miss a thing:

- Mark the arrival to Sydney at the Opera House bar overlooking the Sydney Harbor.

- Pat a koala and feed a kangaroo.

- Climb the stairs of the "Queen Victoria Building", one of ten most beautiful staircases in the world.

- Catch a wave on the "Bondi Beach".

- Watch the fur seals’ show at the Taronga Zoo.

- Listen to the organ in the Virgin Mary cathedral - the most beautiful in Sydney.

- Follow the example of Sydney dwellers and arrange a picnic on the "Palm Beach" with shrimps and Australian chardonnay.




Australia is known as an expensive country, and finding cheap accommodation here for holidays to Sydney might not be easy. The cheapest way to stay in Sydney is staying at hostels (from $ 30). In addition to an acceptable price, their main advantage is the location in the city center. The most famous network of hostels in Sydney is the YHA, offering comfortable rooms and professional service.

Also the city is full of the hotels of different price category and type. Shangri-La Hotel or InterContinental Sydney are the most prestigious and expensive properties of the city. However they have proved the excellence of service and accommodation. Cheaper hotels are often located outside the central part of the city, and their prices are much lower.

Another affordable accommodation option is camping and caravan parks (from $ 75). There are quite a few of them in the city - Campgrounds Lane Cove River Caravan Park, BIG4 Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park, Sydney Family Holiday Accommodation, etc. offers the variety of hotels as well as Sydney holiday packages for any traveler type and any budget. Check for the lowest prices and best deals, while they are still available.