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Why Melbourne

A thriving coffee culture, street art on the walls, restaurants with outdoor tables, Victorian architecture, cable cars passing through the streets and a relentless strolling of people through the main streets. Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city, is a destination for those who love cosmopolitan air, good restaurants, historic sites and an active cultural life.

The Yarra River cuts the capital of the state of Victoria and it is also washed by the sea. Its charm is unique, and the scenery of the city is made up of wooded parks, buildings of Victorian colonial architecture near skyscrapers, people riding bicycles, street performers singing to pedestrians. The center, or city, is the right place to be; it concentrates all the commerce, the main sights and the nightlife of the city.


Melbourne is great for exploring on foot, and this is certainly the best way to get to know the city, letting yourself get lost on its streets. The streets of the center are always full of people and vehicles, but all their movement is compensated by the picturesque atmosphere of the laneways and alleys that were once hidden places and nowadays are a symbol of the transformation of the city. These small streets hold different cafes, restaurants and coffee shops, outdoor restaurants, and are like a breath of fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets.

Major attractions on Melbourne holidays include Federation Square, Melbourne's main square, with attractions such as the Australian Center for the Moving Image, Flinders Street Station, an ancient train station, St Paul's Cathedral and Hosier Lane. The Victoria Market, the market of 1878 where you can find food from the crafts, is a visit also a must see, especially on the nights when it is home to food stalls.



The average annual temperature of the city is 14 degrees Celsius, and while there is a rainy season, the rains are well distributed throughout the year. In summer, the average is 19 degrees Celsius, but do not be surprised if the thermometers reach temperatures close to 40 degrees Celsius on a sunny day.

In winter, Melbourne has an average temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, and for several days it is below 10 degrees Celsius its minimum averages during the coldest season are 5 degrees Celsius. It does not snow in the city, but there are ski fields in the vicinity, and if you want to ski or snowboard, this is the time to travel!


How to Spend Your Holiday in Melbourne

Melbourne has about 4.35 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. A very urban, it has gathered people from different parts of the world and can be seen as a melting pot of almost every culture on the planet – something you will see for yourself on Melbourne holidays. Walking through the city center without any haste is an ideal way to discover the mix of Victorian buildings alongside modern shopping malls or skyscrapers, and to see the lanes, small alleys with hidden establishments and street art on the walls.

A stroll through the city should start at the most typical point, Federation Square, or Fed Square. The square is not very pretty nor does it charm, but it is the main square in the city and one of the most famous in the world; it is the base for a complete tourist service center and the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI), which has an exhibition called Screen World, which is very interesting and interactive. In the vicinity of Fed Square are also Flinders Street Station, Australia's oldest train station, and St Paul's Cathedral, an Anglican church consecrated in 1852.

To get to know the city, walk! That is how you can find the lanes, small alleys with restaurants, coffee shops, and street art. Among the small streets worth visiting is Hosier Lane, with spray paintings all over the place, Center Place and St Degraves St, symbols of the city's effervescence. These are streets that make Melbourne such a busy city and at the same time inviting for walks because they are pedestrian-only, filled with restaurants with outdoor tables and the smell of coffee being the primary aroma of the city!

Still in the center, do not miss a visit to Chinatown, with its many dumpling restaurants, and a stroll in the Queen Victoria Market, where you'll find great fast food, fruit, flowers and even handicrafts. On Wednesday mornings, the Night Market takes place at Vic Market, a market with music and food stalls, which brings together a lot of people and has a delightful atmosphere. For a cultural stroll on Melbourne holidays, head to the Immigration Museum, which with a moving collection tells the story of immigrants seeking an improvement in their quality of life in Australia.

Melbourne is cut by the Yarra River, and the "other side" of the river is as unmissable as the center. From the center, cross the Yarra River over its bridges (there are several), and you'll reach Southbank, an area with restaurants, a boardwalk with street performers and a lively atmosphere on the hottest days of the year. It's a great place to sit on the river's edge and enjoy the look of the city. In Southbank, lies the Eureka Skydeck, an observatory with panoramic views of Melbourne that has beautiful scenery it's a great attraction for a clear day. Near the Eureka Skydeck are the National Gallery of Victoria, the Botanical Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance, a memorial, and museum dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives in the First World War.

Melbourne is the opposite of monotonous at night. A holiday in Melbourne is great for those who enjoy nightlife and offers varied options such as restaurants, pubs, rooftops, nightclubs and the Casino. The night's options are mainly centered on the city center, and this allows for a "carvery" if you do not like one establishment, you can go to another easily.

The sea water in Melbourne is chilly, but the beaches exist, and it's well worth getting to know them! The nearest beach to the center is St Kilda, a neighborhood with a calm beach, amusement park Luna Park, good restaurants, bars and a very pretty jetty to walk and enjoy the view. St Kilda has a beautiful sunset and when the sun sets, some penguins that nest near the jetty leave the sea and go to their burrows - a free way of seeing penguins from the city! Go to the jetty at sunset, so you can enjoy the sunset and, after a while see these birds.

Another beach that is worth a visit is Brighton Beach which is about 14 kilometers from the center. It has dozens of colorful sandboxes that are used by the owner families to store items they use in a day at the beach. As the cottages are all colored and have different paintings, they are a huge success and are one of the main postcards of the city.

Where to Stay

Hotels in Melbourne are not cheap, but you can find some with clean and comfortable rooms at a more affordable price for your Melbourne holidays. Try to research in advance the hotels in the city, especially if you plan to visit it during a period of sporting events or the summer. Check out some of our picks of where to stay in Melbourne, including Melbourne holiday packages.

When to Go

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and Australia's second-largest city. It has an excellent tourist structure and, unlike other Australian destinations, its seasons are well marked: it is hot in the summer and quite cold during the winter. It is also the sporting capital of the country, and several events are based in the city, such as the Australian Open (tennis competition) and the Australian Grand Prix (Formula 1).

It is very hot in Melbourne during the summer, and this is the period when "Melbournites" most enjoy outdoor activities. The parks and beaches are full of people enjoying the pleasant temperatures, there are many festivals in the city and as it is quite cold during the winter, the days of sun and heat are highly valued. If you want to see the city in full swing, travel for a holiday in Melbourne in the summer!

It is curious how time and temperature can change drastically in one day. Do not be surprised if it starts to rain in the hot afternoon and at night it gets cold. The nights are always cooler (even in the summer), so it's a habit for people who live in the city to wear a coat wherever they go.

How to Get to Melbourne

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and is served by two airports, one international and the other dedicated to domestic flights. Tullamarine Airport (Melbourne Airport) is the second busiest in the country and receives flights from several domestic and foreign airlines.

As fast as the connections are, a flight to Australia is quite tiring and takes about 24 hours from northern hemisphere destinations.

Melbourne Airport (MEL) is about 25 kilometers from the city center and is a large airport with four terminals. Qantas and Jetstar (domestic flights) operate on T1; International flights are operated on T2; In T3, operate domestic flights from Virgin Australia and REX; In T4, operates only Tiger Air on domestic flights. The above companies are the ones you can use to make a domestic flight in Australia.

Avalon Airport is a small airport, is about 56 kilometers from the city center and operates only Jetstar flights. In addition to being further away, it lacks transportation to get to the center; if you can choose, give preference to Melbourne airport, which has a much higher infrastructure.

For those who are alone or in a small group, the best alternative to get to or from Melbourne Airport is Skybus, a bus that runs different routes between Melbourne Airport and Southern Cross Station in the center of the city. The bus is the executive type, quite comfortable, with air conditioning and wi-fi. It operates 24 hours a day and at peak times leaves the Southern Cross station every 10 minutes. The trip costs AUD$18 per person/trip (there is a discount buying round trip).

The Skybus goes only to the Southern Cross station, and from there you will probably need to take another means of transport to reach your hotel; it may be a taxi, a train (which leaves from the station itself where the Skybus arrives) or a tram (there is a tram station in front of Southern Cross).

For those who are staying in a place far from the center of town, are in a group or want a bit of practicality, Skybus may not be advantageous. In that case, a taxi from the airport to downtown should cost between AUD$50 and AUD$70.

Avalon Airport

To leave Avalon Airport, which is about 56 kilometers from downtown, there is a Sita Coaches bus service that costs AUD$22 to the city center. The service is available up to 5 times a day and is the most economical way to get to the city center. By taxi, the service between the airport and the city center should cost between AUD$95 and AUD$135.

Arriving at this airport is not the best of options because it has only a few daily flights, transportation is limited and is far from the city center. If you can, opt to travel through Melbourne Airport.

Planning Your Melbourne Holidays

We are going to let in on something few people know, Melbourne has free (yes, you read that correctly - FREE) public transport in its CBD. This means you can easily get to almost every major tourist attraction for the price of zip. Even attractions one stop outside the free zone are so close they can easily be walked to. The advantage is you literally will never have to pay to travel anywhere if you just choose to stay in town.

Outdoor activities are an addiction in Australia, so it is common to have some event going on, so keep an eye on cultural programming during your visit. Melbourne is the sport's capital in the country and hosts events such as Formula One and Australia Open. Speaking of outdoor activities, the beaches of Melbourne are also worth a visit. St Kilda is very famous, has a beautiful sunset and even looks penguins at dawn, but it is Brighton Beach that stages many photos of the city, because of their colorful houses in the sand.


Melbourne is the ideal place for those who like the hectic atmosphere of a big city. However, it is essential to book a day trip to escape from the center and visit the Great Ocean Road, a scenic route that is one of the great destinations of Australia. The highway in front of the sea has jaw-dropping landscapes and rock formations that have gained a very curious aspect through erosion, like the 12 Apostles, a limestone formation up to 50 meters high! Take the tour in a day or two, and you will discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

Check out’s Melbourne holiday packages and admire this city its diversity, quality of life, good gastronomy and lively atmosphere!