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Why Australia

Australia is a very special place for tourism because it offers a bit of everything for any traveler. Whether you are an adventurer, an ecologist, a naturalist, a diver, an urbanite, a scientist, or a type of person who demands the best in luxury and comfort, here you will find a little bit of each in different cities on Australia holidays.

Also know tourists are very welcome not only for bringing money from abroad but mainly because the Australians are very proud of the country they live in, and do not restrict their efforts to make any foreigner to feel at home in the land of Kangaroos. People are always ready to help and provide information to travelers, and there is the safety factor, which it is among the highest you will find in the world.


The only thing we could say negative about when traveling to Australia is the vast distances between cities and tourist attractions that put the tourist in a kind of bind concerning decisions about which places to visit, how much time to spend, and how to travel. It is a colossal country full of interesting things to see, do and know.



A frequent question is about the best time of year to plan holidays to Australia, and the answer is a bit hard to pin down because it depends on which part of Australia you will be visiting. The other important point to know is that all of the North, Northeast, and Northwest of Australia are in Tropical Areas, which during the summer receive a large amount of rainfall, as well as being subject to Cyclones and floods that can close roads and threaten cities. The heat is almost unbearable. Already in the winter months, these regions become very pleasant, with temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, practically without rain.

How to Spend Your Australia Holidays


Australia is much more than the country of the kangaroo, crocodiles, snakes and koalas. Interest in Australia as a destination for tourism and also for study has always been high. Here are some reasons why the country should be on your list of places to see and you can do that on holidays in Australia.

The nature in Australia is breathtaking. Once on Australian soil, tourists will find a breathtaking scenery: from the paradisiac beaches to the red of the desert (the "outback"); from national parks green to white mountains with ski resorts; From the skyscrapers of the great modern cities to the immense blue of the ocean that surrounds them. Perhaps it is this contrast that makes the landscape even more beautiful and so unique.

Why not plan your trip to Australia to attend major sporting events? Australians love sport. Here they practice the full gamut of sports, it is not by chance Australia has so many Olympic athletes. Among others, we would highlight the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Australian Open, both based in Melbourne.

Swimming is an Australian passion: in addition to being practiced in enclosed swimming pools, it is a habit of many to swim in the sea or salt water pools on some beaches. Early morning, winter or summer, these pools are full! And no, the water is not heated...

All this, of course, and we did not even start talking about surfing. In Sydney you will see a surf culture that goes way beyond physical activity. It's an even lifestyle choice that often determines where the family will live, and if you see generations surfing together!

Worth the visit on this side of the world! The construction of the Sydney Opera House brought femininity to Sydney Bay with all its curves. In addition to being a grand building is an architectural ensemble adjacent to the Harbor Bridge (the Sydney Bridge), the city center skyline, the bay and the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens which is next door. Best time to visit: in the afternoon. Schedule a drink at the Opera Bar at sunset, and if you're lucky enough to get a ticket for a good show, better yet!

Australia offers excellent gastronomy from all over the world, with fantastic products and a culture of good food that only grows.

Melbourne, the second largest Australian city is reputed to be European and worth visiting. The capital of the state of Victoria is proud to be the capital of food, and fashion in Australia has already figured as the world's number one city in quality of life, is home to people very cool and many cultural events. Highlights include the lanes, with their bars, cafes and more, full of secrets that are not always easy to discover; and shopping.

On holidays to Australia drive from Melbourne to Great Ocean Rd, a paradise road where the highlight is seeing the Twelve Apostles.

The winter in the southern part of Australia (let's say from Sydney down!) is cold. Ideally, you should visit the country during the summer. But even when it's winter, a great option is to head north to Queensland, and that's it! Constant summer, beautiful beaches with warm water and lots of sun.

Diving at the Great Barrier Reef is on the list of must-see tours in Australia! It is the largest coral structure in the world, and claims to be the only living being sighted on earth from space! Important detail: it is the house of Nemo, the animated version of the clown fish.

Perhaps the best part of being in Australia is atmosphere: a holiday mood, super happy and laid back. Australians are known to be relaxed, casual, and certainly, will make you feel welcome!

The country is very safe for traveling or living, whether alone or with others, including for women traveling alone.

Where to Stay

One of the steps in the process of planning trip to Australia is to choose where to stay. It is common to leave this part to the end, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important choices one should make. There are many types of accommodation that you can choose from for your holidays in Australia.

Finding accommodation in any city in Australia is no problem whether it is for the tourist, student, or for those who come to live or work. There is a broad range of options, from relatively inexpensive accommodation to some that will make your credit card refuse to enter the machine. Across Australia, there is an old saying and very popular mainly among real estate sellers that says "Location, Location, Location !!!" (Three times). This obvious saying refers to the location of the property, and it means that the closer to the sea you stay in Australia, the more expensive it will cost.

When to Go

During the months of summer, the demand is to know South Australia, for example, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Hobart, on the island of Tasmania. During the winter, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin, and Broome are the best options for Australia holidays. The worst time of all, is the period between Christmas and New Year, until about January 15. It is worse because it is much harder to find well-priced accommodation with human prices anywhere in Australia. Sydney, for example, has the largest party on the planet on New Year's Day, attracting magnates and celebrities from around the world to the fireworks event at the turn of the year. Getting a good downtown hotel with a reasonable price is almost impossible unless you have booked your trip to Australia well in advance.

Like any part of the world, in Australia, the prices of all things related to tourism vary according to "High Season," "Low Season," and "Neutral Season." December and January are "High Season" months because most Australians take holidays and travel somewhere during this period. As in Brazil, summer in Australia is synonymous with beach, and that means that your credit card will complain of sunglasses if you travel the coast without reservations. It is there that 7 out of 10 holiday Australians will be there.

How to Get to Australia

Because of its size, Australia's attractions are vastly different from each other, and only the airplane or an extended travel time can resolve the issue on your trip to Australia. The good news is that air ticket prices within Australia have plummeted in recent years, with companies such as Virgin Blue and Jet Star competing in the "Budget" category, offering such low fares that they can compete with the price of Taxi until the airport. Speaking and understanding something of English, it is quite easy to get to any part of Australia and make your itinerary and route as you travel.

Planning Your Holidays to Australia

See the top destinations on Australia holidays 2017 that you need to know:

Sydney - In the southeast of the country is the largest and, for many, the most interesting city to discover on holidays in Australia with nightlife and culture, good beaches and beautiful mountain scenery in its surroundings.

Queensland - Among Australia's tourist attractions in the northeast, lies the state of Queensland with the subtropical climate and beautiful beaches sought after by swimmers, divers, and surfers.

The capital of Queensland is the city of Brisbane. In the northern part of the state, near Cairns is the Sun Shine Cost a great base for excursions to the Great Barrier Reef, one of Australia's most fascinating tourist attractions.

Canberra - It is the capital of Australia, although it is not exactly a "touristy" city it is quite graceful and pleasant. In its vicinity, there are beautiful mountain regions.

Melbourne - In the State of Victoria it is more "British" than Sydney, more "serious" and retains buildings of traditional English-style architecture.  It is necessary to visit it for those who have a little more time on Australia holidays.

Adelaide - More in the south, temperate climate is perhaps the quietest of Australia's great cities. In Adelaide's vicinity is an important wine producing region. Today, wines produced in Australia are exported to the whole world. Near Adelaide lies a reserve of animal life, the Kangaroo Island.

Alice Springs - In the central region, there are no major cities: the only one worth mentioning is Alice Springs, much smaller than the ones on the coast, already mentioned. Most of the immense territory of central Australia consists only of desert and semi-desert immensities.

Tasmania - In the extreme south of Australia, with much more river climate and beautiful temperate landscapes, lies Tasmania, land of the sulky "devil of Tasmania," animal popularized in cartoons.


For those who want to understand a little more about Australia, it is also to know the areas outside the big cities and the smaller the city, the better. Of course, this will lead to more travel and expense, but it's worth it. Another tip that seems ridiculous but works in practice for the almost illiterate in English is to bring one of these pocket dictionaries with translated phrases, such as "Where is the hotel?", And the bathroom? Etc...most people will have the greatest patience in trying to understand you, and solve your problem.

Remember that for an Australian, Australia is the best country in the world, and most will do their best for you to enjoy it too.

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