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Why Albania

The least explored Balkan country, Albania is cozily nestled near the Adriatic and Ionian seas, surrounded by more popular coastal neighbors - Greece and Montenegro. For many years, Albania remained isolated from the world, which is why we know so little about its rich cultural heritage and beautiful nature with spectacular canyons and beautiful clean beaches. The local population is hospitable in Balkan way, which results in an abundant and tasty food, more than reasonable prices for accommodation and respectful, if not loving attitude to anyone who showed interest in their modest country. No wonder the motto of the National Office of Tourism of Albania says: "Albania - a new love in the Mediterranean". If you want to relax on the clean beaches of the Adriatic Sea, get acquainted with the tiny capital of Tirana, enjoy beautiful nature and cultural attractions, it’s time to start planning your Albania holidays.


Albania has a mild Mediterranean climate with fairly hot and dry summers and cool wet winters. The average July temperature on the coast reaches +28-32 ° C, in January the temperature is +8-10 ° C. High summer temperatures on the coast are easily tolerated because of the constantly blowing Mediterranean breeze.

The tourist season lasts from May to September, but it is also quite pleasant to go on holidays to Albania in April and October. There are about 300 sunny days here throughout the year. It rains only in early spring and late autumn. In the mountains of Albania the climate is much colder - in winter the temperature can drop to -20 ° C and there is snow above 1000 m for most of the year.

How to Spend Your Albania Holidays

Beautiful beaches and clear sea are perhaps the main reason why the number of tourists who choose holidays in Albania is increasing every year. In comparison with the neighboring countries of the eastern Mediterranean the prices here are much lower, but the quality of the natural environment is often higher. The popular resorts of the coast are Durres, Fier, Saranda, Vlora, Shkodra. In addition to sunbathing and swimming you can visit a lot of historical sites, such as the ancient Roman amphitheater in Durres, which is the largest in the Balkans, or a wonderful medieval castle Rozafa in Shkodra.

Albania has something to offer for cultural tourism fans. There are a few attractions of the UNESCO World Heritage list, not to mention an impressive number of less significant sites. Historical points of attraction include Berat, the oldest Albanian town with the unique Ottoman architecture, Gjirokastra and its ancient castle on a hill in the center of the city of Butrint, a huge archaeological park with the excavation of the ancient Greek settlements and Korca - the cultural capital of Albania.

Massive medieval castles are located in many Albanian towns. Petrella Castle in the suburbs of Tirana and Skanderbeg Castle in Kruye, named after the Albanian national hero are to name but a few.

The natural beauty of the country is remarkable as well - the Albanian Alps and the National Park "Lure", Tomori mountain with a medieval monastery Bektaş and Skrapar canyons, mountain river Valbona, and a picturesque mountain of Daichi in the suburbs of Tirana.

You will find a great variety of souvenir shops and markets on Albania holidays, offering local crafts products, and small memorable things in the cities of Albania and especially in Tirana. Popular Albanian souvenirs are wood carvings, ceramics, traditional embroidery, trays, products made of copper and musical instruments.

Due to the almost 400-year Ottoman rule, the Albanian cuisine is the successor of Turkish gastronomic traditions in the first place. Local restaurants serve different kinds of kebabs, generously seasoned with spices. Lamb meat is commonly used here in dishes. Local cuisine was also influenced by regional neighbors - Greece and Italy. Albania produces various types of soft cheese, olives and olive oil, as well as a huge amount of fresh vegetable salads. Vegetables are cooked, fried and stewed here. A vegetarian stew is a popular local dish in which you can put anything you like: potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, herbs, etc. Stalinist history, fabulous beaches and Ottoman architecture.

The country is very peaceful, so you shouldn’t worry planning your holidays to Albania. Don’t be surprised that even unfamiliar people exchange kisses on the cheek – this is the local tradition. Do not forget to make a compliment to the parents with a child (however it is better to abstain from the compliments to local girls and women).

How to Get to Albania

It is getting easier and easier to fly into Albania, with amount of international connections increasing year on year. Albanian low-cost carrier, Belle Air flies into Tirana’s Mother Teresa airport from a handful of Italian cities, and also London, Vienna and Athens. Direct British Airways flights leaving from London can be quite reasonably priced, while in the warmer summer months you can fly reasonably cheaply to Corfu then catch a ferry to Saranda.

Stalinist history, incredible beaches and Ottoman architecture all await you in the eclectic country of Albanian. Discover it for yourself with on holidays in Albania.

Where to Stay

Best hotels in Albania are situated close to the beach area, in the vicinity of the beckoning sea and the warm sun. There are many boutiques and restaurants within a short walk from such hotels, where you can buy souvenirs and enjoy amazing local cuisine.

The architecture of hotel buildings varies a lot from the greatness and extravagance of the palace to fully urbanized modern style. According to the Albanian service hotels are in no way inferior to European hotels. Here you can make use of the spa treatments, massage room, sauna, restaurant and pool.

Hotels in the center of Albania are close to many attractions and the beautiful landscapes of the country. Although in order to explore the culture and history on your Albania holidays you will have to have a short ride, but it won’t be a problem in this tourist paradise. Every hotel provides sightseeing buses, which can take you to any place of interest in Albania.

The hotels in Albania are quite affordable, especially if they are rated three or four stars. The average price per night is 15-20 Euro. Take a closer look at Albania hotels before the summer season, book your package holidays in advance and save money with