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Flying With Disability

Flying with Disability
Welcome to Flying with Disability.  We have built this site to help make flying with a disability as easy as possible.

Flying with a disability need not create any hindrance to your journey. Many automatically assume that just because a person has a disability it will inevitably restrict their opportunity to travel around the world.

This need not be the case. True, flying with a disability is slightly more complicated than for an able-bodied flier. Nevertheless, the majority of all airlines are now geared towards catering for disabled fliers.

Flying with Disability is a site designed to provide impartial information and advice to all disabled people around the world who travel by air.

We hope Flying with Disability will act not only as a comprehensive information resource for all disabled fliers, but also as an important forum for disabled fliers to share their experiences of flying to other disabled travellers. 

Please use the links on the left hand menu to find your way around our site.

Enjoy the site!

Max Jennings
Editor, Flying With Disability

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