Guangxi hotels

Hotels City Rating From

Guilin Zizhou Panorama Resort  5 stars

Guilin Superb GBP 78

New West Street International Hotel Yangshuo  5 stars

Yangshuo Very good GBP 52

Grand Bravo Guilin Hotel  5 stars

Guilin Good GBP 83

Guilin Golden Oriole Hotel  5 stars

Guilin GBP 78

Sheraton Guilin Hotel  5 stars

Guilin Superb GBP 72

Radisson Blu Hotel Liuzhou  5 stars

Liuzhou Superb GBP 74

Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin  5 stars

Guilin Fabulous GBP 75

Jasper International Resort Hotel Yangshuo  5 stars

Yangshuo GBP 39

Shangri-La Hotel Beihai  5 stars

Beihai Fabulous GBP 71

Shangri-La Hotel Guilin  5 stars

Guilin Superb GBP 91

Nanning Winwin Hotel  5 stars

Nanning GBP 86

Guilinyi Royal Palace  5 stars

Guilin Superb GBP 85

Elephant Trunk Hill Hotel Guilin  5 stars

Guilin GBP 84

Guangxi Wharton International Hotel Nanning  5 stars

Nanning Fabulous GBP 66

Best Western Premier Red Forest Hotel Nanning  5 stars

Nanning Superb GBP 123

Royal Garden Hotel Guilin  5 stars

Guilin Fabulous GBP 60

Manhatton Hotel Boutique Beihai  5 stars

Beihai GBP 97

The White House Hotel Guilin  5 stars

Guilin Very good GBP 171

Dazheng Hot Spring Holiday Hotel Guilin  5 stars

Guilin Fabulous GBP 53

Green Lotus Hotel Yangshuo  5 stars

Yangshuo Fabulous GBP 84

Banyan Tree Yangshuo Hotel Guilin  5 stars

Guilin GBP 281

Nanning Marriott Hotel  5 stars

Nanning Fabulous GBP 70

Merryland Resort Guilin  5 stars

Guilin Superb GBP 77

Guilin Plaza Hotel  4 stars

Guilin Good GBP 64

Xin Fu An Hotel Yangshuo  4 stars

Yangshuo GBP 26

Eva Inn Guilin  4 stars

Guilin Good GBP 24

Guilin Sweetome Vacation Rentals  4 stars

Guilin Fabulous GBP 36

Bamboo House Resort Guilin  4 stars

Guilin GBP 44

Nanning Landmark Hotel  4 stars

Nanning Very good GBP 70

Yangshuo Morning Sun Hotel  4 stars

Yangshuo Very good GBP 29

Grand Link Hotel Guilin  4 stars

Guilin Very good GBP 50

Guilin Park Hotel  4 stars

Guilin Fabulous GBP 75

Beihai Silver Beach 1 International Conference Centre Hotel  4 stars


Yangshuo Hidden Dragon Villa  4 stars

Yangshuo Fabulous GBP 40

Yangshuo Moon Nest Travelling With Resort  4 stars

Yangshuo Superb GBP 64

Phoenix Tree Business Hotel Beihai  4 stars

Beihai GBP 41

Days Hotel Guilin  4 stars

Guilin GBP 26

Guilin Sapphire Boutique Hotel  4 stars

Guilin Very good GBP 18

Bravo Hotel Guilin  4 stars

Guilin Fabulous GBP 120

Yangshuo Spring Hyatt Hotel  4 stars


Guilin Zheng Yang Inn  4 stars

Guilin GBP 35

Yangshuo New Century Hotel  4 stars

Yangshuo GBP 42

Yangshuo Mountain Nest Boutique Hotel  4 stars

Yangshuo Very good

Vienna Hotel Guilin  4 stars

Guilin GBP 44

Ctn Li River Hotel Yangshuo  4 stars

Yangshuo GBP 66

Yongjiang Hotel Nanning  4 stars

Nanning Fabulous GBP 75

Elite Garden Hotel Yangshuo  4 stars

Yangshuo GBP 64

Yangshuo Peaceful Valley Retreat Hotel  3 stars

Yangshuo GBP 17

Sky Palace Hostel Lingui  3 stars

Lingui Exceptional GBP 30

Yangshuo Village Retreat  3 stars

Yangshuo Fabulous GBP 43

Lakeside Inn Guilin  3 stars

Guilin GBP 33

Yangshuo Magnolia Hotel  3 stars

Yangshuo Superb GBP 33

Fawlty Towers Hotel Yangshuo  3 stars

Yangshuo Very good GBP 10

River View Inn - Yangshuo  3 stars

Yangshuo Fabulous GBP 30

Guilin Oasis Inn  3 stars

Guilin Exceptional GBP 16

Universal Hotel Guilin  3 stars

Guilin Very good GBP 42

Mingfeng International Hotel Guilin  3 stars

Guilin Guest rating GBP 35

Kaining Seven Star Hotel Guilin  3 stars

Guilin Very good

Guilin Homeland Riverview Hotel  3 stars

Guilin Good GBP 22

Osmanthus  3 stars

Guilin Good GBP 37

Guilin Central Hostel  3 stars

Guilin Fabulous GBP 19

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Hotel  3 stars


Ai Yuan Hotel Guilin  3 stars

Guilin Fabulous GBP 39

Yangshuo Imperial City Hotel  3 stars

Yangshuo Good

Furama Hotel Beihai  3 stars

Beihai Superb GBP 143

Yangshuo Travelling With Hostel  3 stars

Yangshuo Superb GBP 14

Yangshuo Spring Highet Hotel  3 stars


Xingping This Old Place International Youth Hostel Yangshuo  3 stars

Yangshuo Fabulous GBP 10

Yangshuo Outside Inn  2 stars

Yangshuo GBP 19

Bamboo House Hotel Yangshuo  2 stars

Yangshuo Superb GBP 12

Nanning Travelling With Hostel  2 stars


Leisure Inn Yangshuo  2 stars


West Street Hotel Guilin  2 stars

Guilin Good

Green Forest Hostel Guilin  2 stars

Guilin Fabulous

Wada Hostel In Guilin  2 stars

Guilin Superb GBP 14

Guilin Riverside Hostel  2 stars

Guilin Superb GBP 9

River Garden Tent Hotel- Yangshuo  1 stars


Yangshuo River Lodge  0 stars

Yangshuo GBP 41

Yangshuo Moondance Hotel  0 stars

Yangshuo Superb GBP 126

Vienna Hotel Nanning Train Station  0 stars


Yangshuo Tea Cozy Guest House  0 stars


Yangshuo Fawlty Towers Hotel  0 stars


Yangshuo Sudder Street Guesthouse  0 stars

Yangshuo Superb GBP 8